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14 December 2009

Living in the Midwest and staying Fit Requires….

A treadmill!! I quickly realized that winter does not equal outdoor running in Iowa. Oh how I miss thee desert weather!! I yearn for your 130 degree days! -10 degree days are not on my list of favorite things. Last night I bit the bullet and bought a treadmill at Sears. 0% interest for 12 months and great sales.

(Photo from Sears website)
I can’t wait for it to arrive tomorrow. I have several pounds that have accumulated these last few months that must be banished. The YMCA is a wonderful place to workout, is mega close to my house, has fun classes, and it is social. But some mornings just way easier to work out at home, also many evenings I want to get in a quick second workout, and honestly sometimes I just don’t want to be around people. I was very spoiled in Kuwait as had a treadmill in my townhouse and a gym at my office.

Thanks in advance little Brother for breaking your back and assembling this monster and for your expert treadmill advice yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Although I now live in Philly, I remember plenty of times in Ohio when I was running outside in like 5 layers of clothes! Now, because it gets dark here at like 4:30, the gym is my best friend ;)Happy working-out over the holiday season!