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30 September 2009

Daily Nonpareil Candidate Questions

The Nonpareil sent all city council candidates a set of five questions to answer. For the next week they will be posting the answers of all candidates questions in the paper and their online site. To check out the first question and all answers go to the Nonpareil online. Pretty exciting to be in the running but also a bit scary and nerve racking! So much at stake and the more I take time to meet with city officials, community leaders, and the citizens of Council Bluffs the more excited I am about the prospect of being elected to city council and the more I want the position!

29 September 2009

Iowa Western Community College Black Tie

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the Iowa Western Black Tie fundraiser.

I always love an excuse to get all fancied up! Cole and I went with his parents.

The fundraiser consisted of a cocktail hour and silent auction (I won a very cool vintage coat), dinner, live auction, and dancing. It was a great event, everyone had fun, and scholarship money was raised for the students. Over one million dollars has been raised for scholarships over the past ten years!

They even had an oxygen bar which was a big hit with many.

The Rumbles played at the end for dancing – excellent band and a fun opportunity to socialize. As we were exciting I decided to snap a photo of the green carpet.

The theme for the evening was Go Green - hence the green carpet. It is amazing how much Iowa Western has changed since I was a student there, all positive changes and exciting to witness. Very nice that Council Bluffs has such an outstanding community college available to its current residents, and to attract new residents even if just for a few years.

24 September 2009

Dreaming of a Camper Trailer

I never thought I would utter these words – but I may buy a camper trailer! Yes this is coming from the girl that hates camping. On my weekend run I spotted a camper for sale. It was priced very cheap and seemed in ok condition. The remainder of my run I couldn’t stop thinking about the camper. The fun trips I could go on, how useful it would be for Ragbrai, camping in Niobrara, etc…By the time I returned home I knew I needed this trailer. The next day my mom, dad, and I checked out the trailer but it was dark. Justin and I returned for a follow up visit.

The inside is not quite drool worthy at the moment.

But I have high hopes for this little camper after my family and I put our talents to work on it. Others have transformed worse looking campers into vacation havens. Check out what the The Wanderlusters (http://thewanderlusters2009.blogspot.com/) did with their camper:

Amazing. I also love this glamorous chic camper:

Crazy how cute and cozy you can make these campers! I keep dreaming about how I will decorate it and where I will travel. Even my mom had a dream about it! Hopefully this weekend we will finally go purchase and pick up the camper so I can start working on its transformation!!

* photos from Design*Sponge

23 September 2009

If you live in Council Bluffs you need a sign!

No yard is complete without one.

So send me an email or comment and I will gladly drop a sign off in your yard. Primaries are quickly approaching (October 6th).

Aeisha and I thank you for your support!

21 September 2009

Omaha Corporate Cup 2009

Yesterday I ran in the 2009 Corporate Cup. Another great opportunity to combine fitness, friendship, and fundraising. My crew (we ran with the USACE team but wore campaign shirts).

Our Shirts said “HEAD for Success in CB” on the front and “HEAD Council Bluffs City Council” on the back.

I couldn’t believe the number of participants! I guess there were over 12,000 people downtown for the event! It was madness. We spent the first 2 miles weaving in and out of other runners, walkers, and strollers. Look at these crowds! (and this was near the back of the pack).

My sister in law Christine very graciously ran with me (she is much much speedier than I) and we finished with a time of about 57 minutes for the 10k. I would have liked to have been under 55 minutes but didn’t happen.

After race shots looking nice and sweaty.

Erik and Cole who cheered everyone on from the sidelines (Cole actually ran the 2 miler first – congrats Cole!). Erik said watching all the runners work so hard made him tired. Nice one.

A final sweaty group shot minus Tia who we lost in the crowd for a bit.

I love races – always a sense of excitement in the air. The coolest thing about the casual/family races such as this are how many parents have their children out exercising with them. Such a positive example and lifestyle for these kids. Next week is the Omaha 10K/Half/Full marathon. I really want to do the half but have a Black Tie Fundraiser the night before so leaning towards running the 10k.

16 September 2009

Campaign Fundraiser for City Council Election

Sunday’s fundraiser was a success. A great turnout and we were able to purchase campaign signs, buttons, and a bit of advertising with the funds raised. More photos of the event are posted on my campaign webpage (www.head4cb.blogspot.com) My mom, Tia, and I prepped the Park Building for the fundraiser.

My cousin Rod donated several cases of wine, my family helped prepare or bring food, and my parents purchased a keg. Thanks a million to all that helped! My mom’s friend Lou (who funny enough I met first through a wine club) also brought a magnum of wine from 1998.

It was excellent. Thanks Lou. This was the first chance in weeks that the whole family was gathered in one spot so I took advantage of the opportunity and had my aunt snap family photos for the campaign brochure (see earlier post for photos that made the cut).

We even found a black squirrel to pose on! How lucky as the black squirrel is our mascot of sorts for this campaign.

I wanted a cute photo of Cole and I as well –I wore flats and even standing on my tip toes he is way taller than I!

Then it was time for the party. My sister in law Christine though it was fun to pose like a 1950’s couple with Cole??

This table of ladies definitely look like they are up to no good.

Towards the end of the night I took a break from mingling to relax.

A special thanks goes out to my family who are a constant source of support and encouragement. You guys are the best and I would not be who I am today without each of you! Words can truly never express how grateful I am to have each of you as my family.

Need input on Family Photo

Primaries are quickly approaching and I need a pamphlet to mail out. Luckily Sunday we finally had a small window of opportunity to take a few family photos. I need help choosing which one makes the cut and propels my family members to fame. Ok maybe not fame but widespread recognition if we are lucky. I think the following three are great.

For those curious the Black Squirrel is a big deal in Council Bluffs so has symbolic importance(we are also using it on a few campaign items)

This photo and the next are in front of the fountain in Bayliss park and the historic area of Council Bluffs.

Which photo should I use? Please vote. Thanks!

10 September 2009

Let the City Council Race Begin…

It’s really happening! I am running for Council Bluffs City Council. If you live in CB I really really need your vote. Papers were filled now it’s campaign time.

So far it has been fast and furious as the primary is October 6th. I will gladly accept any and all advice. My campaign slogan is "HEAD for Success in CB". To learn more check out my campaign website:
My mom accompanied me to drop off the campaign papers and acted as Photog, I love that you can see her reflection in the door.

Thanks Mom for always being so amazingly supportive. You are the best mom a girl could hope for!!!