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06 June 2016

Benash Reunion 2016 at Platte River State Park

I can't rave enough about Platte River State Park. Well really all of the Nebraska State Parks are amazing. The cabins here are the cutest, always super clean, the park itself is gorgeous with trails for days and lots of activities to occupy your time. I was thrilled when we started having our yearly reunion at the park. Makes it a fun weekend with family and a mini getaway all in one.


I always take fresh flowers, a few candles, and a pretty blanket or pillow to spruce up the cabins a little. I love the simplicity of these cabins but a little color and the inviting glow of candles always makes it that much better.



The park never ceases to disappoint with gorgeous views. We always paddle boat because really why not? The adults and kids both love it.


The trails here are a big hit as well. They are so well kept and yet so rustic and you're in the midst of nature. This year we've had a lot of rain so we got lucky with a few extra pretty waterfalls as well. Motivation to get up and run was strong each morning when I had this to look forward to.


Of course the main purpose wasn't the trails or cute cabins, but time with family. We had a great time this year as it was one of the first years both my brothers came along. Lots of cousin bonding time!


 Card playing is always serious business at our reunions. So much so my dad couldn't even stop his game for a quick photo booth session.

For the first time ever I even brought a date. Shocking I know!!