I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


31 May 2012

Fields of Yellow

Yellow flowers are blooming all over the country and I LOVE the pop of color they provide.
I couldn’t stop trying to capture the beauty by taking pictures.
Sadly it was windy almost every day I tried causing many pictures to be blurry and sent straight to the trash bin.
I love this time of year with the green fields, colorful wildflowers, and amazing weather. I wish we could just bottle it up and keep forever.

30 May 2012

Dream to Farm

I start my first college class in eight years tonight! At our local community college called Dream to Farm. It’s intended to teach how to operate a small scale farm operation that would support local farmers markets or restaurants. I am quite excited.
I often dream of farming when I retire. Or as a hobby now. I love my little garden, it brings joy to see things I plant grow, nothing is quite as tasty as something plucked right from my garden. Chickens are in my very near future. A mini pumpkin & gourd patch is in the works at my parents.
Hopefully after this class I can expand my horizons. Not sure yet exactly what that will entail but anxious to find out.
The possibilities are endless, especially as I am blessed with parents who have land near me, a grandfather who has land even closer, and a large expanse of land in Niobrara. I really hope to purchase farmland (bonus if it comes with a big red barn) of my own soon.

Memorial Day Fun

An unplanned road trip to our cabin resulted in a wonderful day enjoying gorgeous weather with part of my family.
With views like this who can complain? Not I!
Our awesome farmer lent us his ATV’s for some exploring on paths rarely traveled throughout our land.
Relaxing,  fun,  and enjoying fresh air. Perfect way to spend a holiday and a chance to reflect and be grateful for sacrifices others have made to give us carefree days like yesterday.

28 May 2012

Happy Memorial Day

There are only two words that describe the meaning of Memorial Day “Thank You”.
Thank you to all of you who are currently serving or have served our country in the armed forces. Your sacrifice for our freedom is greatly appreciated.

26 May 2012

Corn Crop

We have an amazing farmer that leases our farmland in Niobrara. This year is a corn year which excites me as I love watching the corn grow. I love how it looks as it reaches towards the sun.
Obviously this corn is freshly planted but in no time at all it will be waist high.
I keep thinking I should host my own version of Outstanding the Field during the corn years and carve out a dining spot in the midst of the field. Supply my guests can with a delicious farm fresh local menu served on china, drinks under the stars surrounded by corn and nature, and live music. Wouldn’t that be fun!

25 May 2012

The Chicken Coop Debate

I have decided to give into my wants and get backyard chickens!!! Exciting news I tell ya. I always thought I had to wait for one of my very skilled bothers or dad to build me a coop. Then I stumbled upon a plethora of already built affordable options online.
This coop is currently the front runner due to its cute and functional design and  reasonable price. I realize as the chicks grow it will need a bigger outdoor run but that is easy enough to accomplish with some posts and chicken wire that even I can (hopefully) succeed at constructing.
This is another option but just seems like it’s a little too basic.
I really like the look of this coop but it is several hundred dollars more than the above coops and out of stock so I would have to wait until mid June. The poor chicks would be skirting death daily at the whims of Aeisha until then. No dice.
Right now I am love love loving this coop and run in the green. Swoony. But it’s also a small fortune for a backyard coop so possibly a silly purchase? I could purchase just the coop and build the run. But even the coop alone is much more than the others…
Any suggestions or thoughts? Do I go with the first coop and call it good? I can only have about four chickens since I live in town. Therefore no need for a big fancy coop. I’ll leave that for my parents and the other lucky ducks that live in the country. I’m just excited to embark upon this adventure.

23 May 2012

Garlic Harvest

I harvested all my fall planted garlic yesterday as the tops were starting to brown and sag or fall so I figured it must be time. It was so fun to dig up these lovelies!

I planted a few varieties of Garlic. My favorite is the purple tinged.
It was exciting to look down at the piles of garlic waiting to turn every day meals into a masterpiece.
I hung most of it in my shed to dry so that I can use some now and then the rest can dry for use over the long winter. The smell is quite strong but it looks cool! This gardening gig is sure exciting!!!

22 May 2012

My kind of Camping

I am not a huge fan of camping – especially not in a tent! In a pimped out RV sure thing but a tent not so much. However, this tent (located at one of three Feather Down Farms) has me ready to hop in the jeep and take a road trip for a weekend camping trip.

Seriously swoony! It’s amazing and perfect. Rustic yet luxurious and comfortable. Love that you can be all closed in at night and then open the flaps during the day.
These tents are located on working farms (luckily one is near me in Illinois although must admit the California location seems more dreamy) allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the great outdoors and farm life. You gather eggs right from the coop and gather or purchase local grown produce to whip up some delicious campfire meals.
Anyone up for a road trip to Feather Down Farms for a relaxing weekend?

21 May 2012

Lusting after Chicks

We spotted these beauties at a local Bomgaars during our mini vacation last week. My mom and I were very tempted to scoop several up and take them home with us.
I still think we should have! Especially as they have plenty of room for them and a chicken coop already (it just needs a little repair)! I grew up around chickens and farm fresh eggs. It’s unbeatable. If someone could please come build me a coop that would make me ridiculously happy!!!

18 May 2012

Pretty Peonies

My only gripe about Peonies is the short shelf life of the blooms.
I wish they could bloom this pretty all spring/summer/fall! They brighten up my yard and often my tables.
Love the brilliant and muted colors alike.
Such lush full flowers and they smell divine as well. Sadly we are nearing the end of the peonies blooming – at least I’ll have pretty photos as a reminder until next year.

17 May 2012

Lululemon Addiction

I have heard about Lululemon for several years and notice all the fit and fashionable athletic bloggers seem to live in this apparel. But I knew it would cost a small fortune and we don’t have a store in my area. Lucky for me, unlucky for my wallet, there was a store in Kansas where I was traveling for work. Amazing items were tempting me such as this running skirt:
This running top (but in hot pink like the models bra):
All of their apparel was so function and girly I couldn't help but fall in love with several pieces. I decided to treat myself for finishing the Lincoln Half Marathon and also hopefully motivate myself to crank up my fitness routine. Jackpot!
Several skirts, tank tops, a pair of magic pants, and a jacket later I am ready for many fun runs and Y workouts! Any Lululemon addicts out there?

16 May 2012

I Can Keep Vampires Away

I planted Garlic last fall hoping for a nice spring crop. I have never tried this before and had no idea what to expect so I may have been a lil overzealous with the amount of garlic I planted. I will soon be harvesting rows of garlic (which funny enough I don’t really even like garlic) and pimping it out to friends and family. It does look and smell pretty darn good!