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01 May 2012

My First Hunting Guide Expedition

We have land in hunter’s paradise yet I never take advantage of it. I’m a pretty good shot but feel sad for the animals if I shoot them. I love going there to enjoy the scenery and fresh air!

Catch and release the tiny fish in our pond.

I just don’t go with the purpose of shooting something. For the first time I acted as a “Guide” this last weekend to show where the good spots are for Turkey, where our boundaries are, etc…
After undergoing a lil makeover I took a spot hiding in a tree being quiet until I heard a victory shot.

Must admit that shot brought a mix of excitement that a turkey was most likely secured but also sadness for the poor turkey who had just met his demise. I know I am a sap. Those turkeys do have gorgeous feathers though! I think my guide servies should be paid for in turkey feathers!

Turns out I must be a darn good Hunt Guide! Maybe I have a new career to fall back on when I retire?

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