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17 May 2012

Lululemon Addiction

I have heard about Lululemon for several years and notice all the fit and fashionable athletic bloggers seem to live in this apparel. But I knew it would cost a small fortune and we don’t have a store in my area. Lucky for me, unlucky for my wallet, there was a store in Kansas where I was traveling for work. Amazing items were tempting me such as this running skirt:
This running top (but in hot pink like the models bra):
All of their apparel was so function and girly I couldn't help but fall in love with several pieces. I decided to treat myself for finishing the Lincoln Half Marathon and also hopefully motivate myself to crank up my fitness routine. Jackpot!
Several skirts, tank tops, a pair of magic pants, and a jacket later I am ready for many fun runs and Y workouts! Any Lululemon addicts out there?

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