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22 May 2012

My kind of Camping

I am not a huge fan of camping – especially not in a tent! In a pimped out RV sure thing but a tent not so much. However, this tent (located at one of three Feather Down Farms) has me ready to hop in the jeep and take a road trip for a weekend camping trip.

Seriously swoony! It’s amazing and perfect. Rustic yet luxurious and comfortable. Love that you can be all closed in at night and then open the flaps during the day.
These tents are located on working farms (luckily one is near me in Illinois although must admit the California location seems more dreamy) allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the great outdoors and farm life. You gather eggs right from the coop and gather or purchase local grown produce to whip up some delicious campfire meals.
Anyone up for a road trip to Feather Down Farms for a relaxing weekend?

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