I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


31 October 2011

Apple Picking

I LOVE going to the apple orchard and carefully picking each apple off the tree. Crazy I know. We are lucky as have this great orchard – Ditmars Orchard – right outside of town.

I picked enough apples to not only make several of these fun lil apple tarts for a charity dinner.

But also to make apple crisp for family dinner.

And hopefully apple sauce if I get to cooking before the apples spoil!

28 October 2011

Fixture Dreaming

My bathroom is under a much needed cosmetic renovation. It’s been frustrating as I want vintage looking fixtures but due to a wall mount type sink I seem to keep coming up empty. I also don’t have a shower in this bath – only a tub. So really really want this:
But seriously its $1395!!! I really would prefer to not pay over a $1000 for tub fixtures. Any advice? There has to be a cheaper version somewhere?

27 October 2011

The Road Less Traveled

I am so thankful I have a spot I can unwind – do nothing – and recoup from my hectic day to day life.

I think we all need a happy place. What is yours?

26 October 2011

Why I Need a Paddle Boat

So I can soak in the sun and unwind on this lovely farm pond.

I want to paddle around taking in the views and enjoying the moment.

25 October 2011

Farm Stalking

There is a farm in Niobrara I have been in love with for as long as I can remember. As a child I went with my grandparents to a barn dance they held. I always wished it were mine.

The farm went for sale when I was in college – sadly a college student does not have funds necessary to acquire a farm even though it was quite reasonably priced.

Lately this farm has been more or less abandoned. Its owners have aged and never seem to visit. Several locals watch over the property, graze cattle on the land, etc… But no one lives in the house and gives it the needed TLC.

I run by this house every time I visit the area and dream of what I would do if it were mine. I even sent the owner a letter offering to purchase the farm – but have not yet heard back. It needs a new owner to breathe life back into it! The barn needs a yearly dance! Let's hope they eventually decide to pass this gem on to me!

*These photos were snapped on my Iphone using Instagram and sadly I didn’t get a shot of the barn as I was busted snooping by a neighbor who was driving by and saw me run down the lane…

24 October 2011

Impromptu Photo Shoot

I stumbled upon a few lone hay bales this weekend and felt the need to climb on top and take a few pics….

Cheesy I know but sure was fun! I even made my mom get in on the action.

If only I had actually planned on a photo shoot – a lil makeup and fixing of the hair would have been a bonus!

*Scotty not to fret I took great caution to ensure I didn’t harm the hay during this shoot.

20 October 2011

Ever Been in a Music Video??

I have!! Well at least a small blip of me...Eric Church filmed Drink in My Hand at Stir Concert Cove this summer. You can get a glimpse of my cowboy hat around 2:04ish....Almost makes me feel famous.

18 October 2011


Love this picture from a recent Iowa game!! Amazing. Sadly no idea who took it so can’t give credit as it was sent via text to me.

13 October 2011

Next Fall

I am planting multicolored mums in pots like this.

How gorgeous does the mix of colors look? I would have never thought to mix a variety of colors in one pot. Pretty!

11 October 2011

Aeisha Needs Prayers

My poor precious lil kitty somehow tore her Cornia really bad over the weekend. I woke up Saturday morning to a one eye kitty and knew something was wrong. After an emergency vet visit they decided to do surgery to fix the tear and attach her third eye over her normal eye to allow healing??

Poor lil thing is just not happy and I am sure she is very uncomfortable with the stitches, third eye, and lack of sight in her eye at the moment. Her and I could use a few prayers that this month goes fast (she has to keep this “patch” on her eye for a month) and that her sight is restored at the end. I am probably more of a mess than the kitty! I know, she is just an animal, but I love her to pieces so hate seeing her in discomfort.

07 October 2011

The Hog Shed

After a sneak peek here is the full reveal of my next crazy project. I stumbled upon this beauty on the amazing blog 79 Ideas.

How fun! I was immediately yearning for my own lil sanctuary. Then it him me - I'm already the proud owner of a dilapidated ol Hog Shed.

Why not turn this into a rustic sanctuary?

Some think I’m crazy, but honestly I think it’s doable. I don’t expect perfection, electricity, or anything fancy. Just a fun peaceful getaway in the country…. I’ve already started to collect inspiration photos

Photos via 79 Ideas

06 October 2011

Research for Retirement

I just ordered the following books:

The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love by Kristin Kimball

Growing a Farmer: How I Learned to Live Off the Land by Kurt Timmermeister

Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry by Liana Krissoff

A trend seems to be forming. I really need a white farmhouse, big red barn, and a few hundred acres…..

05 October 2011

The Lil Things

Sometimes it’s those lil changes that make a huge impact! I finally have new floorboards installed and I can’t believe how much better it looks. A quick glimpse of the kitchen before…

(I couldn’t find a shot of the refinished floor with the old floorboards)
And a Iphone shot of the kitchen after….

Wowza! More photos to come when I actually put the house back together and take proper photos.

04 October 2011

Market To Market

We were M2M Virgins this year but still managed to pull off a third place finish in the all female division!! Woot Woot Annie and the Orphans!! We finished the 78 mile relay race with a time of 10:42:20, an average pace of 8.23 a mile. SPEEDY I am telling you. I of course did not contribute to this speed but did have an amazing first run (5.35 miles finished in 49:32 which is crazy good for me), second run was very very average (4.2 miles finished in ??? unfortunately forgot to record my final time but it was around 39).

Next year I will train much differently. Thinking speed work and two-a- day runs. That second run was brutal. Way harder than running a half marathon I think? Sure the halfl marathon 6 days prior didn’t help with my fatigue either. I will also bring a LOT less stuff! Other than removing layers as the weather warmed up we never changed clothes, so all the extra outfits were unnecessary. We also entertained each other just fine so I could have left the magazines at home. The Iphone/internet was essential though. At one point we were all cracking up that our team seemed to be commenting the most on teammates status updates. Love it!

Honestly a great great day with an outstanding group of women! I also can't rave enough about the race organizers. This race was unbelievably organized and everyone was so kind throughout the day. Can’t wait to compete again next year. Now to think of a theme…