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25 October 2011

Farm Stalking

There is a farm in Niobrara I have been in love with for as long as I can remember. As a child I went with my grandparents to a barn dance they held. I always wished it were mine.

The farm went for sale when I was in college – sadly a college student does not have funds necessary to acquire a farm even though it was quite reasonably priced.

Lately this farm has been more or less abandoned. Its owners have aged and never seem to visit. Several locals watch over the property, graze cattle on the land, etc… But no one lives in the house and gives it the needed TLC.

I run by this house every time I visit the area and dream of what I would do if it were mine. I even sent the owner a letter offering to purchase the farm – but have not yet heard back. It needs a new owner to breathe life back into it! The barn needs a yearly dance! Let's hope they eventually decide to pass this gem on to me!

*These photos were snapped on my Iphone using Instagram and sadly I didn’t get a shot of the barn as I was busted snooping by a neighbor who was driving by and saw me run down the lane…

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