I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


30 January 2013

Walking in Memphis

Thanks to my dad's work schedule I was able to spend a long weekend in Memhpis with my parents. We were blessed with great weather most of the time so my mom and I jumped on the oppotunity to walk around downtown near Beale Street.
The architecuture in this area is amazing and we were blown away by the gorgeous buildings - no clue how we never noticed all of these before!
Beale Street is always a great time. We love heading down there at night to enjoy live music and people watching at it's finest. This time was no exception.
We also consumed some delicious food at The Oyster House, Flights, and of course Nealy's BBQ. I might have also managed a bit of shopping at the gorgeous Peabody hotel - always dagnersou. A great great weekend with my parents.

28 January 2013

Moonshine Anyone?

I  have been a horrible blogger lately !I need start taking more pictures and relying less on Instagram as hard to forget that most of my family, friends are even on Instagram. For now still catching up on our summer road trip. When we were in Tennessee my grandpa was set on trying Moonshine.
To him this was a must do as Moonshine is what they drink in the South?? It was cute so we searched out a Moonshine distillery and went for a visit.

Cute place and the guy in the picture is real. Hello crazy!!
No offense to any Moonshine lovers or makers out there but I am just not a fan. The stuff is harsh – even disguised with fruit it was still pretty darn potent.
We did leave with a few bottles for fun and a jar of the moonshine soaked cherries which are always fun at parties. Any Moonshine lovers out there?

18 January 2013

A New Project

My little brother closed on a his new house last night. I am so proud of him and super excited. I have a bit of house envy!!! If this house was in the city limits I probably would have snapped it up myself!
It’s an amazing old farmhouse on a little over three acres. Heavenly I tell ya.
Yes it needs some TLC, but the bones are great and I can see the potential. Plus he has ZERO neighbors and lots of room for a garden, chickens, whatever he fancies.
Lucky brother. We started renovations and I can’t wait to throw on my overalls and start working away beside him to make this place a home for him.
By the way don’t you love all the wallpaper and funky colors – totally normal to wallpaper woodwork right? Sadly several rooms have layers of wallpaper covered by layers of paint. One we stripped already several more to go.

15 January 2013

Cruising through the Smoky Mountains – Day 1

Looking back at these images from our summer road trip has me anxious for another getaway!
All the lush green has me yearning for summer.

It was a slightly overcast rainy day but we made the most of it and explored anyway.
I am still overwhelmed with the beauty of the Smoky Mountains – definitely a must see destination for everyone.
I would love to go back and spend more time hiking the various trails and breathing in the mountain air.

04 January 2013

Make Every Day Sparkle

I have loved seeing all the various New Year’s Resolutions on blogs. However, even better are those that have embraced what they have already been doing “right” and pledge to continue on with these great things.  I really love those (like this awesome chick) who are pledging to tackle small things that make every day better instead of crazy resolutions (like run a full marathon!). I figured I would try fun small everyday resolutions along with my large list. A way to make life sparkle while also giving you a sneak peak of the gorgeous Smoky Mountains. I FINALLY started to download pictures from our family road trip in August. Better late than never.

1.      Embrace down time & let myself be lazy
2.      Do something nice for a stranger at least once a month
3.      Buy (or pick) fresh flowers every week
4.      Savor a glass of wine (even better champagne) during a weekend bubble bath, enjoy a cup of tea with every weekday bath
5.      Dress up just because  - wear the party dress and fancy shoes to dinner with grandpa
6.      Host more dinner parties – eat out less
7.      Start a monthly ritual of cards or board games with friends and family
8.      Spend more time reading, less time on facebook
9.      Write thank you notes and mail them instead of just an email or text
10.  Have more picnics
11.  Don’t “save” anything other than money – use the fine china, wear the new shoes, drink the special wine, burn that fancy candle
12.   Have more fires in the fire pit and fireplace
13.  Go for walks purely to explore – not to get in running miles