I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


30 March 2009

Thanks Mom and Dad!

Over the weekend my very generous parents bought me a new computer. I was so not expecting this. I was definitely planning on the computer, but with my funds not theirs. Definitely a bonus. Tonight I have an appointment at Apple to learn how to work all the programs and pick the computer up. I am very excited. Life will be back to normal and I can download fun photos to this blog and Facebook again. Crazy how addicted one can get to computers and the internet these days. Oh yeah the new computer even came with a free printer/scanner/copier. We are in business now!

Also amazing to me is how small this computer is compared to my very first Apple when I was maybe 8. No more need for bulky hard drives and massive monitors. Love it.

27 March 2009

We've still got it...

Carol and I are no spring chickens so we were both flattered when we were carded last night at Blue. We laughed at first until the waiter insisted that he really did need our IDs. This also occurred the other day at the grocery store (although there I think they sometimes have to punch in a birth year so not as flattering). Trust me I know I don’t look even close to 21, but nice to occasionally whip out the ol ID like my wild college days. Maybe after a much needed botox session this will happen more frequently.
*Not to worry the photo is from St Pats not last night - we don't wear crazy necklaces to nice establishments.

26 March 2009

My new ride

Not long ago several people wisely informed me that a mountain bike is so not going to cut it for a triathlon. It would make the ride harder and I would have a slower time. Even worse I would be one of maybe five out of thousands riding a mountain bike. Goodness I can’t be that nerdy inexperienced looking competitor. I need to look the part even if I end up with a horrible finish time. So a new road bike was purchased last week, I’m not ready for a triathlon bike yet nor do I expect I ever will be. This is the bike I really wanted.

Not for its mechanical specifications but instead for its cosmetics. I loved the color and style. I haven’t a clue what the difference is between the bikes. The sales rep (a former high school classmate) was sprouting off terms left and right while I admired the different colors and styles. I settled on a compromise and bought this bike.

Looks very similar just the wrong color. Somehow I just couldn't’t justify spending $800 more just for the prettier color. I know I know it is a better bike and sure the breaks or shocks or something like that are outstanding. But really I am far from a pro so I doubt any of that will help. The rep assured me the satelite is a great bike... Sales reps never give out false information to get you to buy something – just like attorneys never tell white lies to get their clients a positive verdict so I am very confident. Now I just need a helmet, shoes, and nice weather. These are the shoes I want.

Again not a clue if they are a good brand for biking but love the look. Any bike experts out there?

25 March 2009


I am training for a half marathon (or two) and a triathlon. As this topic comes up in casual conversation or when seeking out advice on equipment needed and training techniques I often feel like an imposter. I so don’t have the body of an athlete and am not crazy into fitness and nutrition. I always walk away from a conversation wondering if those involved think I out of my league. If they think to themselves no way is she going to be able to complete a triathlon. A huge part of me feels that I should be skinny and in shape to compete in these events. I love that I have a goal to train for. It keeps me on track and its an excuse to get cool new gear.

* Sorry for no photos as of late. My work computer blocks all external devices so I can’t download at work. My personal laptop doesn’t have the right program. I am hoping a shopping trip to Apple this Friday will solve all problems and I’ll be back in business with fun photos updates.

23 March 2009


This consumed my weekend. My 1500lb+ house hold goods shipment from Kuwait arrived Friday. Amazing what one can accumulate in just a few years. There were boxes in every room of the house!

Aeisha was overwhelmed with the commotion and activity.

I am about 85% unpacked. Had the weather not been so amazing I would have been 100%. But who can stay inside when it’s 70 and sunny outside, especially when a mere week ago it was single digits. The Wabash trail was calling my name. Rumor has it snow is predicted for this weekend. Are you kidding me? Is this a cruel joke. Although a weekend of snow would definitely equal an organized house with no unpacked boxes.

19 March 2009

Jays Victory

It was way too close but Creighton pulled it off and won their first NIT tournament game. A bit brutal that they aren’t in the real tournament but a bonus that the NIT is in Omaha. Even better we are able to purchase our own regular season seats for the games. Lets hope the wining continues on Monday. We so don’t need a repeat of the St Louis loss!

Honestly I really am not that into sports. I go to the games as that is what Creighton Alumni do. Its great to support the team and I enjoy the social aspect. Fun to talk to everyone, have a few drinks, and get caught up in the excitement. I definitely put forth more time and consideration into what Creighton gear to sport to a game than worrying about player stats, ratings, opposing teams. I may also spend a good portion of each game amusing myself with the CrackBerry much to the delight of my fellow sports fans, especially my mom. But I am a true Jays fan.

Same concept rings true for the College World Series. Love the atmosphere, the parties, the weather but baseball game after baseball game can get a bit boring. I used to take magazines into the games – now I can entertain myself much easier and more discreetly since I have internet and email at my fingertips.

18 March 2009

Bats in the Belfry

Ok maybe its not a Belfry but a regular ol attic, details. My house has been more or less vacant for two years and it was built in 1910. These two factors seem to have produced a bit of a bat problem, one I normally would have been blissfully unaware of. But my precious kitty is taking care of the problem for me one bat at a time. She is proving to be more of a huntress than I ever imagined. She currently has three kills under her belt (four if you count the Gardner snake) since her arrival into the US. I don’t know what is more disturbing, that I have/had a minimum of three bats in the attic or that I am proud of little Aeisha for catching and killing them. Amazing really that she has these skills and very nasty that I have bats. Anyone know how to prevent bats from entering the attic?

*I was going to post a photo but after looking at them it makes me even more creeped out.

17 March 2009

I need my little brother in town more often

Yesterday I was going to do an easy 5 mile run after work. The weather was amazing. Justin was in town so he wanted to join me, but he wanted to run to and over the new pedestrian bridge. Running over the bridge would be cake but he wants to run to it from my house! This is 6 miles each way. I am so not up for a 12 mile run yet. So we ran there together and he ran back solo. The pace was much faster than my normal pace and I ran an extra mile. I would be in such better shape if I had him around to push me on a weekly basis. We also had a great workout at Offutt on Sunday.

The new bridge is really cool and there are some great running and biking trails around it. It also means I could essentially bike to work some days when the weather is nice. A great way to train for the Memphis in May Triathlon I may partake in. Still unsure about that – just don’t think I am fitness ready. I tried to convince Justin that we could do it as a coed relay, I had him convinced for maybe an hour. Then he informs me that he wants to do it solo as its lame to do it as a relay. Great.

11 March 2009

It feels like we live in the Artic

It was 9 degrees out on my way to work this morning. I had to walk maybe a block from the parking garage to the office and I thought I was going to receive frost bite. It was down right miserable. Why do people choose to live in the Midwest? Honestly this is just not acceptable. Every outing requires a coat, scarf, mittens, hat, etc… Even Aeisha doesn’t like it outside.

As I was leaving the Y at the crack of dawn a signal came on stating I had a low tire, there was no way I was stopping to air up a tire in the cold. I am hoping I don’t have a flat tire this afternoon! I miss the desert weather I truly do. Rumor has it today it was high 80’s there…

10 March 2009

Back to work

After I left Kuwait I spent several weeks traveling and just enjoying life. I’ll post photos and updates soon. Today is my first day as an attorney for USACE. Back to real life. I was finally able to write “District Counsel” on the signature block of my email. I have a real office, not a cubicle. It has cherry wood furniture v the metal of the others. Funny how it’s the little things in life that can make you happy.

I am now counsel for all of my old real estate coworkers, to include my old bosses. That is the part that seems the strangest. Otherwise it feels like I am back to the same ol USACE I left a few years ago. We have moved into a new building (a remodeled version of the building I started in as a summer hire actually) so it looks different. But otherwise it feels as though nothing has changed, the people are the same as is the atmosphere. I was told by several today to not expect a lot of stress, a large workload, or crazy deadlines. I don’t know if I should rejoice or worry. For now I will rejoice and use this time to become reacclimatized to CB/Omaha. To enjoy having a life outside of work.

I do have one confession, I was given the option to trade in my CAC card for one without the Geneva Convention (in other words am I done deploying). I said no, just couldn’t quite do it. Sorry mom! No need to fret though – I wont be deploying anytime soon.