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10 March 2009

Back to work

After I left Kuwait I spent several weeks traveling and just enjoying life. I’ll post photos and updates soon. Today is my first day as an attorney for USACE. Back to real life. I was finally able to write “District Counsel” on the signature block of my email. I have a real office, not a cubicle. It has cherry wood furniture v the metal of the others. Funny how it’s the little things in life that can make you happy.

I am now counsel for all of my old real estate coworkers, to include my old bosses. That is the part that seems the strangest. Otherwise it feels like I am back to the same ol USACE I left a few years ago. We have moved into a new building (a remodeled version of the building I started in as a summer hire actually) so it looks different. But otherwise it feels as though nothing has changed, the people are the same as is the atmosphere. I was told by several today to not expect a lot of stress, a large workload, or crazy deadlines. I don’t know if I should rejoice or worry. For now I will rejoice and use this time to become reacclimatized to CB/Omaha. To enjoy having a life outside of work.

I do have one confession, I was given the option to trade in my CAC card for one without the Geneva Convention (in other words am I done deploying). I said no, just couldn’t quite do it. Sorry mom! No need to fret though – I wont be deploying anytime soon.

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