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19 March 2009

Jays Victory

It was way too close but Creighton pulled it off and won their first NIT tournament game. A bit brutal that they aren’t in the real tournament but a bonus that the NIT is in Omaha. Even better we are able to purchase our own regular season seats for the games. Lets hope the wining continues on Monday. We so don’t need a repeat of the St Louis loss!

Honestly I really am not that into sports. I go to the games as that is what Creighton Alumni do. Its great to support the team and I enjoy the social aspect. Fun to talk to everyone, have a few drinks, and get caught up in the excitement. I definitely put forth more time and consideration into what Creighton gear to sport to a game than worrying about player stats, ratings, opposing teams. I may also spend a good portion of each game amusing myself with the CrackBerry much to the delight of my fellow sports fans, especially my mom. But I am a true Jays fan.

Same concept rings true for the College World Series. Love the atmosphere, the parties, the weather but baseball game after baseball game can get a bit boring. I used to take magazines into the games – now I can entertain myself much easier and more discreetly since I have internet and email at my fingertips.

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