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24 November 2015

BYOB to the Beach


Some days I'm not going to lie I would love to just roll up to the beach and have someone make cocktails for me all day long, bring me some water with fresh mint and lime. But I also realize that gets spendy fast and you are sometimes limited in your choices. The beauty of Vieaques is all beaches (other than the W where I get my fantasy of being waited on) are all BYOB. Pack that cooler full of whatever your heart desires and enjoy the beaches. Mostly its Medalla as its easy, cheap, and refreshing. This last trip I was on a wine quick and even kicked it up a notch one day with fancy champagne. This should probably become a new thing for me.

I love that the biggest decision of the day on the island is usually what hat should I wear, what suit, and what to pack for sips and snacks. Such a nice laid back simple life.


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