I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


30 April 2012

Farm Auctions

Anyone else love farm auctions? There are always so many interesting people in attendance and a whole lot of “Junk” to be purchased. Bonus is you get to check out the landscape as well. I loved this farm with its barns and outbuildings in that perfect shade of red.

Corrales once used for horses or cattle.

I had my eye on this particular beauty the minute I saw it listed on the Auction flyer/website.

Guess what? I won it!! I am now poor but the proud owner of a vintage horse drawn wagon. Love this aged beauty and can’t wait to fill it with flowers, put it in front of my dream barn, and take all kinds of beautiful pictures. Or maybe I need a few Clydesdales and use it for rides?

27 April 2012

Prettiness from my Yard

I love love love all the blooming flowers. My Peonies are almost ready to pop which will be heaven on earth. The smell is wonderful and they fancy up my yard and home. I really need to break out the real camera and take pictures.

I am slowly learning what I can and can’t plant due to these lovely creatures that essentially live in my yard and are the tamest deer ever. Roses, Lavender, and herbs may overtake my yard as turns out deer don’t eat these few plants….

26 April 2012

Color Run

I have no idea how long these have been going on but I just heard abot the Color Run a few weeks. Then this lovely lady from Glitter and Grace blogged about her Color Run fun!


How cool is that? You run a nice leisurely 5k and blast yourself and others with bright colors. Yes please! I am already signed up – if you are in the Council Bluffs/Omaha area and need a team we are “Color us Baddd” .  This will be  a welcome change from this spring’s brutal Half Marathons!

*photo from Glitter & Grace

25 April 2012

Snowballs from Grandpa

My Grandpa is the sweetest man ever. I have raved about him before I know but it’s my blog so I can brag right?
We all went to brunch over the weekend and he showed up with these pretty flowers for my mom and I.
Love fresh flowers and my grandpa! Thanks Gramps.

24 April 2012

The Gambler 2012

I was dreading this race for the last several weeks. I am sadly about 10 lbs heavier than I should be right now, I slacked off the last month on training as let life and fun get in the way, the morning of the race was cold with gale force winds, and I just wasn’t motivated or excited. But it is a Council Bluffs race and I do love the nice flat course and all the amazing volunteers and cheerleaders so I bucked up and ran it.

Amazingly my time wasn’t quite as awful as I expected it to be. It was far from my best but at least I didn’t walk or run at a super slow snail pace (although sure my pace seems like a snail’s pace to many of you fast girlies!).

Most important I ran with a great group of family and friends and we were supported by even more family and friends which made all the pain and torture worth it! Thanks running and support crew!

My overall time was: 2:15:14, essentially a 10.20 minute mile. Blah. On a more positive note both my sister and my cousin finished second in their age groups! Congrats rock stars! And Curtis finished his first ever half marathon! My sister was the 7th girl overall to finish and my cousin the 10th! These girls are fast – I wish some of their speed could rub off on me.

I rewarded myself after the race with this lovely pile of goodies for my yard! Happiness.

20 April 2012

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not…

Did you play that game as a kid? I did and couldn’t help picking this up on a walk today…

I am sure our fun lil childhood game spread these lovely weeds even further among our parent’s yards.

18 April 2012

Blinging out the Bison

I am in the process of giving several Bison skulls (Courtesy of KSK Outfitters) a little bling.

What do you think? Obviously it’s not done yet but I think it’s fun and festive. A bit of a feminine touch to an otherwise masculine item.

This one is a donation for the Buckaroo Bash, a River City Rodeo fundraiser. I would like to do one with Turquoise as well if I can find some flat inexpensive turquoise somewhere.

16 April 2012

Live Life to the Fullest

I have major wanderlust right now. Especially when I read blogs, magazines, or watch the Amazing Race and see snippets of foreign countries I have visited in the past. It used to be so easy to hop on a plane and be somewhere exotic in no time flat. I love being home but I miss those days! I need an adventure – a real one somewhere that requires a passport – VERY VERY soon! This Nike video (viewed on Kasey's blog) sealed the deal.

Anyone else get wanderlust at times? With a need for a foreign adventure? I’ve never regretted money spent on trips as it equals a lifetime of memories, I think it may be time to plan a great trip in the very near future.

11 April 2012

New Running Sneaks

New shoes make you faster right? I hope so as I Just designed and ordered these fun new sneakers:

Now I’m crossing my fingers and toes they come WAY before the 22-30 day suggested delivery. I really really need these for The Gambler (April 22) and Lincoln (May 6) Half Marathons!!! My old shoes are toast. I know real runners aren’t supposed to run with Nike shoes for some reason? However, I love Nike and it’s fun to design your own colors.

10 April 2012

Lunchtime Walks

Loving this time of year as it equates to the opportunity to breath in fresh air at lunch and enjoy the pretty in everyday objects amongst the concrete jungle of Downtown Omaha.

09 April 2012

Happy Easter

One day late. Hope everyone had an amazing Easter! We hunted for Eggs

Hey you would hunt for eggs also if your hunt netted amazing gifts such as this watch I was lusting after (love you mom and dad).

And transplanted my seedlings into larger containers in hopes of growth, very excited that it is garden season!

Had an amazing brunch, enjoyed the sun, and ran 11 miles which equals sore legs today as I have slacked the last few weekends.

05 April 2012

Academy of Country Music Awards

I can’t put into words how amazing the ACM Awards were. Thanks to some truly wonderful and generous friends my brother, sister, and I ended up with tickets for the Pit area.

Literally touching the stage!

It was so fun to see how the production works for a large award show like that and even more fun to see so many country starts up close and personal either on stage or in the first few rows of the audience.

It would be hard to even pick a favorite performance of the evening. I definitely walked away with several new favorite songs and artists. Oh yeah and the three of us are now TV stars.

Those were just a few clips stolen off the TV. I was surprised how many times we were actually on TV – and my sister’s arms were possibly on the show the entire evening. LoL.

04 April 2012

Grandpa’s Lilacs

I bought my grandparent’s home when they passed. With it comes many many memories. One is the lilac tree in the backyard. My grandpa loved gardening, flowers, plants, and the whole shebang. Every spring the lilac blooms not only fill my yard and home with a heavenly scent they also bring back memories of him.

Sure do miss my grandpa but blessed to have the memories alive when enjoying these lilacs.

03 April 2012

Vegas via Instagram

I figured I would give everyone a sneak peak of our Vegas adventures compliments of Instagram:

Lots of sunshine and pool time

A Birthday Celebration

Great fortunes

And an amazing amazing night at the ACM Awards!

02 April 2012

Life is Hectic

These past few weeks have been crazy due to a few fun trips. I am love love loving our gorgeous spring – almost summer – weather!

I am very anxious for summer. Which will bring a yard full of pretty bright blooms, drives in the pink bug, weekends spent lounging poolside, dinner & cocktails al fresco, and many many more outdoor pleasantries. Anyone else anxious for summer??