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30 April 2012

Farm Auctions

Anyone else love farm auctions? There are always so many interesting people in attendance and a whole lot of “Junk” to be purchased. Bonus is you get to check out the landscape as well. I loved this farm with its barns and outbuildings in that perfect shade of red.

Corrales once used for horses or cattle.

I had my eye on this particular beauty the minute I saw it listed on the Auction flyer/website.

Guess what? I won it!! I am now poor but the proud owner of a vintage horse drawn wagon. Love this aged beauty and can’t wait to fill it with flowers, put it in front of my dream barn, and take all kinds of beautiful pictures. Or maybe I need a few Clydesdales and use it for rides?

1 comment:

Kimberley said...

'tis the season for farm auctions! Nice buy, a couple Clydes would look great in front of it :)