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30 June 2011

Celebrate CB Parade

With all the flooding concerns I missed posting photos of the Celebrate CB Parade.

It turned out to be a perfect parade day with sunny skies and no rain drops.

There were over 80 entries for the parade and many many spectators lined up along the route.

One of my favorite moments was when we passed by a little girl and she exclaims “look the Princess car”. In reference to our car of females (right now four of the five city council members for Council Bluffs are women!!).

Huge thanks to the committee that organizes the parade, all the volunteers, participants, and spectators (and my mom the photog and greatest supporter on earth). They are what made this day so fun and enjoyable. Always nice to celebrate your hometown!

Capped off with a concert in the park that included one of my favorite musicians.

28 June 2011

Big Green Tractors

Ever start a date with a ride in a JD to feed the cows?

No? Me neither until recently. Turns out it can be quite fun. And once again brings to mind another great Jason Aldean song, Big Green Tractor.

27 June 2011

You Call them Weeds, I Call them Flowers

All this rain equals gorgeous green lawns and fields splattered with flowers. If it blooms and looks pretty it’s a flower right??

24 June 2011

Dirt Roads

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jason Aldean song – Dirt Road Anthem. Reminds me of my time in the country. Every time I hear it can’t help but smile and reminisce.

You never know what you may encounter on a drive in the country. For instance this isolated spot which once held life.

21 June 2011

20 June 2011

Kolache Days 5k

Every year Verdigre, NE has Kolache days. It entails all sorts of fun from races, volleyball tournaments, parades, and street dances. We went as little kids and loved it. Last year I started attending again and love their 5k or 10k run. This year I gathered up many of my favorite running partners and siblings and we rocked the Kolache Days 5k.

They let us register 5 minutes before the start of the race, they are sending us shirts as they were out of our size, they held our valuables during the run, they cheered for us like crazy the whole route, and the proceeds support the fire department in Verdigre. What a perfect run only possible in a small town!

Custom outfits and all!

17 June 2011

Niobrara State Park Flood Photos

I love the Niobrara State Park and all the great views of the rivers and walking trails. Braved the mosquitoes and ticks last weekend to snap a few river photos and enjoy a nature hike.

16 June 2011


The Flood of 2011 has consumed many of our daily lives, I may have even had a few nightmares about this flood. It is devastating to individuals and communities and is causing unbearable stress to others. I can’t imagine the pain and terror of losing your home (permanent or vacation) to the waters of the Mighty Mo. Unfortunately this flood is not a short term event but instead an event that will last several months or longer. So the need to unwind and take a few breaths of fresh air is high. I was lucky enough to have this opportunity last weekend.

15 June 2011


Sorry I have been missing. We are in the middle of a possible flood (and in some places actual flooding) so it seems trivial to post about fun carefree events. However, I have piles of photos waiting for their moment of fame.

For a list of Flood 2011 links check out my Head For Success in CB Blog please.