I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


07 August 2015

When Beauty is Right Outside Your Backdoor

I have a sever case of wanderlust at the moment. I am itching for an exotic trip somewhere - anywhere - that is different and pretty and adventurous. All that time living overseas spoiled me and has me wanting to live overseas again, or at least take fun trips. Sometimes we are so used to our surroundings it's easy to forget how lucky we have it, or how beautiful our own backyard truly is. Last night was one of those nights I was reminded.

I had curtains, a cool dresser, and a few others things to deliver to the shed and on my way realized what a gorgeous gorgeous summer night in the country it was. The perfect temperature and beautiful skies. The corn is high and green, the yard and trees look amazing, it was peaceful. Such a way of God saying hello you don't have to travel thousands of miles for beauty or relaxation. It is right here in your backyard if you just take the time to stop and appreciate it.


 It would have been the perfect night to sit on the porch and read a book. Just soaking in the fresh air and sun setting. Sadly I had errands to run but I am forcing myself to go spend a night or two in the shed quite soon. I need to learn to relax more, allow myself more downtime at home not only on vacation.

04 August 2015

Quick Country Unwind

This weekend was a quick trip to Niobrara to relax with my parents and get my fix of fresh country air and small town life. We had an amazing meal of super fresh sweet corn (gifted by our farmer), herbed butter from our garden, and steaks from another local farmer in the area.

Took the dog out to the land for lots of exercise and some pond swimming.

Spent time on the river during the day enjoying the sun and then again that evening watching the sunset while out riding the ranger. One of those things lately I realize I don't do enough - enjoy the sunrise and sunsets.

We stalked old barns for a possible barnwood wall in my brother's kitchen.

 Even the super early drive home was pretty and relaxing. Views like this and very little traffic always make me feel at peace.