I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


24 November 2015

BYOB to the Beach


Some days I'm not going to lie I would love to just roll up to the beach and have someone make cocktails for me all day long, bring me some water with fresh mint and lime. But I also realize that gets spendy fast and you are sometimes limited in your choices. The beauty of Vieaques is all beaches (other than the W where I get my fantasy of being waited on) are all BYOB. Pack that cooler full of whatever your heart desires and enjoy the beaches. Mostly its Medalla as its easy, cheap, and refreshing. This last trip I was on a wine quick and even kicked it up a notch one day with fancy champagne. This should probably become a new thing for me.

I love that the biggest decision of the day on the island is usually what hat should I wear, what suit, and what to pack for sips and snacks. Such a nice laid back simple life.


20 November 2015

Prayers for Mali

First the horrific violence in Paris last week, now this attack in Mali. All of this has me praying for safety, for peace, and for those whose lives are shattered in an instant. I am so thankful we have others who are wiling to rush in and provide aide, assitance, and protection. Withouth brave men and women like them things would be even worse.

Mali holds a special place in my heart after visiting a few years ago for a mission trip. I am actually scheduled to return this January as the leader of a mission team that will head into the villages and innoculate their animals so they are free of parasites and disease while we also interact with the youth and families of these villages. Hopefully things will be safer by then, but in the meantime I will be praying for the missionaries and others in Mali for comfort and a sense of peace during this very scary time.

The God of my rock; in him will I trust: he is my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my high tower, and my refuge, my savior; thou saved me from violence. I will call on the LORD, who is worthy to be praised: so shall I be saved from mine enemies. 2 Samuel 22:3-4

Chasing Sunsets in Vieques

This place kills it every single day with the gorgeous sunsets! Mar Azul is by far the best place to watch the sunset in my opinion. But anyplace on the island offers up spectacular pieces of art in the sky.

One day we even got clever and had a fun picnic on the beach to cap off a wonderful day in the sun.

Even those days you don't make it quite in time for the full sunset, you're still granted gorgeous picture perfect views.

17 November 2015

Missionary Trunk Show Thursday

Mission work is near and dear to my heart. I love serving God through these missions, expanding my views, and really opening my eyes to how different cultures are from my own. This is my second year of hosting a trunk show and I have a full house of goodies that I am so excited to share with you. All proceeds from this show go to support the Sutton's in Guatemala, the McCabe's in Mali, and my upcoming trip to Mali in January. Lots and lots of unique items from Guatemala, Mali, and even a few handmade items from my talented mother. Perfect Christmas gifts. Please stop by this Thursday anytime from 6-9 if you can.


Las Iguanas House Snaps

Slowly but surely Las Iguanas is looking more and more like ours. It's brighter, fun, and colorful. Very islandy. We now have hot water and A/C which is huge! I can't wait to share pictures of the newly remodeled bathroom and eventually kitchen. But for now a few snaps of the house from the last trip. Every time we add a new piece of art, a few more pillows, a rug, dishes... I am becoming an expert in taking the maximum amount imaginable in a checked bag and two carry ons lol

Thanks to my obsession with the Funky Beehive and now Sol Creation my closet is looking pretty also. Makes getting dressed so much fun every day, and I obviously am leaning towards a certain color scheme on the island. Where else can you get away with wearing white year round?

We need curtains and more art but it feels more and more like home every time we go. I love our funky new octopus dinnerware from Anthropology.

We are trying to do all local art. Just take our time and find fun pieces that we like. There are so many talented people on the island finding the art won't be a problem, more narrowing down to a few select pieces.

02 October 2015

Week Randoms at the Start of Fall

Meet Sadie. She is an adorable adorable rescue from Little White Dog Rescue. A Lhaso Apso who is 7 and came from a puppy mill. She had seven liters and was then auctioned off. Poor princess. Sadly all of this has caused a whole lot of trauma for this cutie. Soooooo hoping that loving on her and giving her space will help her warm up to us and realize we are here to love not hurt her.

Girlfriend happy hour is always a welcome chance to catch up on life.

I for sure have a plant addiction, and come fall a pumpkin addiction. I can't manage to walk out of a place that has either of these without purchasing at least one, usually more. My yard thanks me my bank account does not.

Car trips to the local Greenhouses were a hit with Sadie and I.

The not so fun, but very rewarding, coop cleaning went down. The new Hunter boots are no longer new and fresh and instead true work boots.


Outdoor dinning is being maximized as I know our window of opportunity is so small. It's my absolute favorite.


22 September 2015

Sunday Family Dinner

This past Sunday I hosted the usual Sunday family dinner. Nice to take the stress off my parents from time to time plus we wanted to do a meet and greet of sorts with a possible new furry addition to the family. I had a beautiful fall arrangement from the Black Tie event the night prior I was able to use which really made the table.

Essentially just whipped out some of the pretty china, decided to mix and match patterns, added in some fun funky anthropologie napkins, candles, painted antlers, and pumpkins and we were good to go with a fun fallish table.

I love the purple mason jars I nabbed a few weeks ago. I think they do different colors every year and it's fun to have a mix of options. Something about drinking out of a mason jar that intrigues me.

The whole back patio got a little fall sprucing. Plants that were looking a little haggard were replaced with fresh new mums, pretty pumpkins were added, and the dirt and grime swept away. Can't wait to enjoy several more dinners al fresco during this perfect weather time of year.

 We initially had planned to eat before it was pitch dark, but with fall approaching and it getting dark so fast that just didn't happen. So we dinned by candlelight which actually turned out quite fun. I really really need some of those fancy string outdoor lights!