I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


31 December 2012

Cheers to 2013

2012 was an amazing year. I am constantly reminded how blessed and lucky I am. I wouldn’t change a thing. However, I am quite excited to start a new year. It’s sure to be exciting and filled with fun and new adventures. I’m not usually a big “resolution” maker but figured for fun I would throw a few out.

1.       Run a marathon
2.       PR a half marathon
3.       Start attending church regularly again
4.       Be consistent with exercise and make it a priority
5.       Eat healthier/cleaner – more fresh fruits and veggies
6.       Spend less time consuming alcohol and more time improving myself
7.       Continue to always make time for family
8.       Raise chickens
9.       Improve my gardening skills
10.   Take at least one new class – photography? Another farm/garden class?
11.   This is a biggie – get re-elected to Council Bluffs City Council!!!!!
12.   Have a craft/junk fair with my mom and aunt
13.   Travel overseas at least once – London or Ireland
14.   Tackle unfinished home improvement projects
15.   Learn how to build something – even just a table
16.   Utilize my creative/crafty side more often, spend less on store items
17.   Continue to contribute to the community through volunteering and sitting on boards/commissions
18.   Bring more sack lunches – eat out less
19.   Learn to say no and take time to relax
20.   Enjoy every minute of life!!!!

What are your resolutions?

20 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Chrismas!!

I'm hoping to find some daylight for more photos of our freshly fallen 8+ inches of snow. For now a few iPhone snaps will have to do.

Even though it is a mess for driving it is pretty to see everything covered in white just in time for Christmas!

17 December 2012

A Dusting of Snow

As Christmas approaches its starting to feel more and more festive around here. Mother Nature even blessed us with a bit of Christmas snow.

14 December 2012

Thanksgiving Pies

 I know Thanksgiving was weeks ago and Christmas is right around the bend but I finally took time to load photos from my first ever pie from scratch adventure.
I have made many a pie but usually use store crust and pumpkin from a can. This year it was all from scratch! I had pumpkins from our garden (grown merely for decoration) that seemed sad to just toss in the yard waste so figured I would give it a shot.
It may have taken several hours, lots of phone calls to my mom, and one redo, but in the end totally worth it.
The pies turned out delicious if I can brag a bit. Thinking I might have to make a few for Christmas as well.   
Both pie recipes came from the good ol trusty Joy of Cooking. 

12 December 2012

Farm Snaps

A few random images from the farm for your Wednesday. Happy 12/12/12 to all.  

11 December 2012

Chief Standing Bear Bridge

 Gorgeous right?
 Of course would have been prettier had I picked a sunny blue sky day to take photos.
 The Mighty Mo is looking a big sad these days – too much water several years ago – not enough water today. Help us out Mother Nature!

10 December 2012

Another Glorious Niobrara Weekend

Another very relaxing much needed recharge of the system occurred over the weekend. We were even blessed with great (for December) weather until Sunday! Sadly the good camera sat home so you're bombared with Iphone photos instead.

07 December 2012

Deer Hunting

 Several  weeks ago I went on my first ever deer hunt.

(look close in this picture and you can see a TON of turkey)
I loved it! It’s so gorgeous being out there watching God’s creatures do their thing and enjoying the scenery.
Even if it did get a bit chilly! We didn’t shoot bambi that day. Saw many but none that were just right.  I can’t wait to go next year with a bow and try out my skills!

05 December 2012

Homemade Noodles

My mom always makes the best chicken noodle soup! I think it’s partially due to her amazing homemade noodles. Nothing store bought even comes close.
 I decided it was finally time I learn how to make these delights.
I was actually shocked at how simple and easy it was.
 With my mom's assistance I made my first batch and I can surprisingly say they turned out quite well.

03 December 2012

Holiday Home Tour Instagram Snaps

Hopefully I'll get things into gear and mother nature will cooperate with sunlight and I can overload everyone with my holiday cheer. Until then a few snaps from the tour yesterday.