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27 June 2014

When a real estate listing isn't quite what they advertise....

I am all for being optimistic and putting your best foot forward. However, as I was browsing real estate listing in Vieques  in preparation of our upcoming House Hunting International Trip as I call it I stumbled upon a listing for a Hotel we all had pipe dreams about last time we visited. The real estate listing does disclose that a full remodel is needed so I will give them that. But the pictures have to be quite outdated. Listing can be found on Island Real Estate. These pictures are from their site.

These are a few quick phone snaps I took when we were there in December....

Something is not the same. To help you get a better idea the grass you see in the above picture is the pool. Hmmm.... Listing says motivated seller - curious how motivated they are. Anyone interested in being a financial partner in a hotel in Vieques?? Seems like quite the amazing venture I think.

20 June 2014

Hello Happy Chicks

 Priase the Lord the chicks are all still alive and happy. We currently have ten little lovelies residing in the coop de Fort Knox. Nothing can get in and eat them this year! I also realize that ten is way too many so eventually I need to find a new happy home for about four of them...

I actually have three different breeds so I need to take pictures of them all. Love watching them grow and will love the fresh eggs even more. Funny enough my neighbors love the chicks as well. One neighbor told me her husband comes over every morning to say "hello" to the chicks. He claims they really enjoy when he talks to them. Funny city folk :)

10 June 2014

Weekend Snaps

Lately I love finding unique funky afghans at thrift stores. My mom crochets so I know the amount of time and work that people dedicate to making these beauties.

The Country Shack is coming together nicely and officially open for occupancy. I still need curtains, baseboard, a few more accessories but it's livable and fun. If you asked my brothers I made it way too girly, but also keep in mind when they occupied this shack it was full of beer and car signs and lights complete with thrift store couches so they don't get to judge.

Jeremy McComb played for a fun Sunday night gathering at my parents. If you haven't heard this guy look his music up on Itunes. You'll love him and he's super funny and nice on top of being a talented musician.

My brothers did not approve of the front door choice. I heard one brother say something was wrong with the door so I thought maybe paint was smeared and ask oh no what. His response: "It's Pink". Funny boys.