I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


30 July 2014

Vieques Fish Market

I spent a glorious week in Vieques, PR with my parents searching for a home.

We absolutely love the island. It's beautiful, laid back, and non commercialized Pure bliss. I took a million pictures so in hopes of actually sharing I'll break them into groups starting with our visit to the local fish market.

Fresh lobster for dinner? Yes please!

15 July 2014

Work Weekend at the Cabin

Two weekends in a row in Niobrara are always a bonus. Even if one truly is a "work" weekend.


We quickly realized after all the play over the 4th there were several small projects we wanted finished before the wedding in August.

So back to the cabin it was for a lot of landscaping, painting, and primping.


Of course we had to mix in a bit of play time while we were there.

Can't wait for August when I get a full week there to relax, unwind, and celebrate the marriage of my little brother.

11 July 2014

Summer’s Beauty

Even though the weather without a doubt feels more fall than summer we are in the thick of summer.

I am loving how the cooler weather and rain is keeping our yards full of green and pretty flowers.

If I could freeze time to keep this weather, this season, the sunshing, and the fresh veggies and herbs I would!

08 July 2014

Fourth of July, Fireworks, Firearms, Friends, and Family

We had such an amazing Fourth of July this year. At the last minute we decided to invite a few extra friends to our cabin for the holiday.

Guns were shot.


Fireworks were set off.

Great food and drinks were enjoyed.

And a lot of fresh country air was inhaled.

Nights were spent in the camper.

Small town Street dances enjoyed.

Just a perfect weekend celebrating our countries independence. I feel blessed without a doubt! Sadly I didn't end up with a single photo of my dad or grandpa from this weekend :(

01 July 2014

Mahoney State Park

We used to go to Mahoney State Park at least once, if not twice a year for a little escape from the hustle and bustle. Now that we have the house in Niobrara we don't visit very often. Luckily my parents "won" a cabin at a fundraiser auction a few months ago so we ended up with a great weekend away.
Our cute little cabin had perfect views of the water and was nice and spacious.

Even though the weather didn't necessarily cooperate all weekend we still managed to fit in a nice walk with a trek up the tower.


And some solid time in the water park where we were able to channel our inner child while being adventurous down the slides (which for sure gave me whiplash), practicing flips off the board, and hanging out in the wave pool.

We capped the day off with a little putt putt golf and happy hour at the lodge before retiring to our cabin to cook dinner.


A perfect, low key, relaxing family weekend for sure.