I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


24 April 2011

Happy Easter

Hope you are celebrating with your loved ones. I feel blessed to enjoy Easter with part of my family at our cabin. Here is a lil Easter cheer in the form of cupcakes we baked for a Fundraiser in Niobrara.

22 April 2011

Peep S ‘mores

Since it’s almost Easter I figure one more Peep post is acceptable. Sitting in a Tree is an amazing blog filled with very girly festive parties and ideas. An Easter post suggested Peep S ‘mores .

I love Peeps and love S ‘mores (I think I am starting to realize why I had x # of cavities at the last dentist visit. ) The S ‘more idea originally came from Kate Spade Tumbler, I am a Kate Spade fan so guessing I will be smitten with this new site!

21 April 2011

New Kicks

Summer is almost here. Which means county fairs, rodeos, Stir Concerts (outdoor amphitheater), and all kinds of fun. Often times this fun entails cowboy boots and dresses.

Therefore I want/need a new pair of boots. A fancy schmancy funky pair that looks cute with dresses. The Fort in Lincoln has the best selection around , thinking my reward for finishing the Lincoln Half Marathon will be boots. I have I narrowed down to these two right now.

Thoughts? If I was made of money I would purchase a pair of these without a second thought.

But unless I can find a nice coupon for Frye boots I don’t foresee either pair in my future. Any other suggestions?

20 April 2011

Easter Peep Wreath

I saw this wreath on a blog full of crafty ideas – Say Yes to Hoboken – and thought it was super fun and cute.

Maybe a lil tacky but fun. I decided to give it a try. I bought enough supplies to make three wreaths.

And set to work on the first one. It took longer than expected but overall I think pretty darn fun!

There is also a tutorial here. What do you think? Fun and funky or tacky??

15 April 2011

It’s a bit of a Monsoon out Today

Instead of letting it make me gloomy I will try to think happy thoughts.

Like how green this rain will make my grass.

How pretty it will be when all the flowers are blooming

Happy thoughts of summer sunshine and a pretty yard. Aeisha is hoping for a bit of sunshine as well.

Salvation Army Love

I have been in desperate need of a coffee table for my living room. But haven’t been able to find anything I love. On a recent Goodwill scouting adventure I stumbled upon these two matching side tables.

Now horrid but not awesome. However the size was right and figured putting the two together would make a cool coffee table.

Bonus that you can move each table closer to the couch when needed for drinks or snacks. I sanded the tables down fairly good (until my arms got sore – ha!) and coated on flat black paint.

After a solid day or two of drying I took a lil sandpaper to the tables and roughed them up a bit for character.

And added a layer of varnish so they would be protected.

Overall I am pretty happy with the results. With more time/patience/skill they could have been even better but for a mere $60 ($25 per table and about $10 in paint/supplies) I have a custom coffee table.

*Sorry about the dark photos my living room never seems to get much sunshine!

13 April 2011

Take Me Down to the Little White Church…

Niobrara has the cutest old little church right in the middle of town.

It obviously needs work but just so much character and charm.

Funny thing is my mom and I have always talked about how fun it would be to own it, maybe move it to our land and use as a guest house or something.

Turns out it’s now for sale!!!!

12 April 2011

Lucky Bucket Run

I just signed up for this race. Lucky Bucket is a local brew and delicious. A 7k run is a nice easy run but long enough to be worth the drive. Bonus is the beer station at mile 2, the after party, and the sure to be gorgeous scenery at the golf course!!

09 April 2011

I Must Brag a Little

A few weeks ago we scored tickets (more or less) to a Kat 103.7 listener appreciation party at Whiskey Roadhouse.

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE concerts at the Roadhouse? This was a trifecta of fun to include Steve Holy (who sings my all time favorite song “Good Morning Beautiful”)

Lee Brice who is crazy fun and has an amazing voice

And……Jerrod Nieman who has a killer voice, is also crazy fun, and very very attractive!

We had so much fun, maybe a lil too much fun.

Great nights like these equate to stories we will tell for years to come. The night started with my sis and I enjoying a drink with Jerrod without even realizing it was Jerrod (ok my sis knew I did not until half way through our discussion). Score for us.

Concert ends, bands take requisite fan photos for what feels like hours.

Next thing I know I am riding in the back of my jeep (driver unknown but sober) with Jerrod Niemann en route to a new destination!!!! No photos were taken from that point on to protect the innocence and reputations of all involved. Kidding! But I did refrain from photos as seemed uncool. It was a crazy fun night – Jerrod is amazing – and I have a small claim to fame when he becomes a rockstar (he already is as far as I am concerned)….