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15 April 2011

Salvation Army Love

I have been in desperate need of a coffee table for my living room. But haven’t been able to find anything I love. On a recent Goodwill scouting adventure I stumbled upon these two matching side tables.

Now horrid but not awesome. However the size was right and figured putting the two together would make a cool coffee table.

Bonus that you can move each table closer to the couch when needed for drinks or snacks. I sanded the tables down fairly good (until my arms got sore – ha!) and coated on flat black paint.

After a solid day or two of drying I took a lil sandpaper to the tables and roughed them up a bit for character.

And added a layer of varnish so they would be protected.

Overall I am pretty happy with the results. With more time/patience/skill they could have been even better but for a mere $60 ($25 per table and about $10 in paint/supplies) I have a custom coffee table.

*Sorry about the dark photos my living room never seems to get much sunshine!

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