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09 April 2011

I Must Brag a Little

A few weeks ago we scored tickets (more or less) to a Kat 103.7 listener appreciation party at Whiskey Roadhouse.

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE concerts at the Roadhouse? This was a trifecta of fun to include Steve Holy (who sings my all time favorite song “Good Morning Beautiful”)

Lee Brice who is crazy fun and has an amazing voice

And……Jerrod Nieman who has a killer voice, is also crazy fun, and very very attractive!

We had so much fun, maybe a lil too much fun.

Great nights like these equate to stories we will tell for years to come. The night started with my sis and I enjoying a drink with Jerrod without even realizing it was Jerrod (ok my sis knew I did not until half way through our discussion). Score for us.

Concert ends, bands take requisite fan photos for what feels like hours.

Next thing I know I am riding in the back of my jeep (driver unknown but sober) with Jerrod Niemann en route to a new destination!!!! No photos were taken from that point on to protect the innocence and reputations of all involved. Kidding! But I did refrain from photos as seemed uncool. It was a crazy fun night – Jerrod is amazing – and I have a small claim to fame when he becomes a rockstar (he already is as far as I am concerned)….

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Kansas Sity Sinic said...

Oh. mah. gah. I am JEALOUS!!!!