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22 April 2011

Peep S ‘mores

Since it’s almost Easter I figure one more Peep post is acceptable. Sitting in a Tree is an amazing blog filled with very girly festive parties and ideas. An Easter post suggested Peep S ‘mores .

I love Peeps and love S ‘mores (I think I am starting to realize why I had x # of cavities at the last dentist visit. ) The S ‘more idea originally came from Kate Spade Tumbler, I am a Kate Spade fan so guessing I will be smitten with this new site!


Teresa said...

Oh, those look sooooo good! I wish I had some Peeps in the house right now! I would make a S'meep in a heartbeat.

Lissa said...

how cute is this! what an adorable idea!