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31 January 2011

A Glimpse of DC through my Camera Phone

Had an amazing weekend in our Nation’s Capital spending time with friends new and old. Photos to come of Arlington Memorial Cemetery and snow covered monuments. I was tasked with looking up the name of my good friend’s cousin on the Vietnam memorial wall – snapped a few photos with my camera for immediately deliver and was surprised at how cool they turned out due to the reflection and the pretty sunny skies.

Very thankful the weather cooperated and the ice/snow storm that is hitting both DC and CB held off until today.

27 January 2011

A Late Christmas Gift is a Great Christmas Gift!

It makes for a nice bonus after Christmas is long gone. My parents promised me a much coveted zoom lense as my “Santa Claus” present. Just in time for an upcoming DC adventure this arrived at my house courtesy of my mom the delivery lady :)

Thanks Mom and Dad!! Can’t wait to take lots of photos of the DC monuments, Arlington Cemetery, and Alexandria covered in snow.

26 January 2011

USACE Social 2011

Last Friday we had our annual USACE Social. I was one of the main event coordinators and had a great time planning the party and watching it be a huge success. Our budget was more or less nonexistent so we stole (errrr borrowed?) greenery from my parents back yard and mixed in a few roses.

Obviously nothing super fancy or showy but it went well with the room and the time of year. We had cocktail hour for an hour with over 100 of my co-workers mingling.
Along with a few of my family members and friends, pasta dinner, and

finally the main event. Jimmy Weber (who is amazing – you should all check his music out!) performing along with Kelsey Nord and Jason Clinton.

They did an excellent job and were able to keep people on the dance floor all night long.

No small feat, especially with my co-workers. Towards the end of the evening the dance floor was still hopping and not a single person was sitting down!

Thanks to those that helped me coordinate this event, thanks to our COL for supporting our event, to my co-workers, friends, and family that attended, and to our great band!

24 January 2011

More Snowy Eye Candy

Wanted to finish off all the snowy photos from my Niobrara snow shoeing adventure.

So peaceful and relaxing but also looks very cold! We were hit with a solid amount of snow here over the weekend so may need to find a time to bust out the snow shoes and explore!

21 January 2011

Niobrara is a Winter Wonderland!

Over the weekend I was able to try out my new snow shoes (slight fail as they kept falling off) and explore the Niobrara sand hills in all their winter finery.

It was so much fun and so peaceful walking around our land. Enjoying the views of the Missouri River and the wide open spaces all covered in white.

I have many many more photos to share tomorrow.