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04 January 2011

2011 Fitness Goals

I am not big on New Year’s Resolutions. But I do have a few goals for 2011 - I figure if I share them I will then be held accountable. I just signed up for the Lincoln Half Marathon in May, I also plan to run the Council Bluffs Half Marathon, and the Omaha Half Marathon. A trifecta of sorts. All of these with my favorite running partners!

And hopefully the Army Ten Miler in October. But my largest and toughest goal for 2011 is to finally run a full marathon – to quit talking about it and just do it. I am thinking the Honolulu Marathon in December?

Anyone know much about this marathon? Or have any better ideas? The full needs to be somewhere fun and late fall/early winter due to all the summer half marathons. I would also like to throw a triathlon into the mix.

And as painful as this is for me (not physically painful just brutal as I don’t enjoy it) I really really need to work on lifting weights at least twice a week. And sticking with a fitness routine and not dropping days when life gets hectic.

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