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14 January 2011

Special Snow Delivery

I have this amazing friend who is always up for any new adventure and encourages me to step outside my comfort zone. He is a huge fan of snow shoeing so had me intrigued. To ensure I didn’t back out I receive a text a few days ago similar to this “I am near Scheels I am going to stop in and get you snow shoes” Perfect! As I know I wouldn’t have made the drive anytime soon. He then proceeded to send me the following photos.

Of course I chose the pink and purple ones! And as luck would have it those are the ones he recommended anyway. It was a fun treat to come home to a big box waiting by my back door. Cannot wait to try these out along with my new Carhartt gear this weekend!!

*I probably should have purchased that pink helmet shown in the background as afraid I may break a limb with this endeavor.


Anonymous said...

I don't recommend snowshoeing in Carhartts -- it's a fairly strenuous activity, even if you think you'll just be out for a stroll, and you'll perspire/roast if you wear too much. Wear what you would use to run in the same weather, starting with a wicking base layer. Bring an extra layer (maybe the Carhartts?) for when you stop, or else you'll chill quickly.

Melissa said...

I had heard that about snowshoeing so thanks for confirming it. I am a wimp though in the cold so rarely run outside when this cold -I do have that gear I am taking as well. The Carhartt's are mostly for sledding and just goofing around this weekend.

Teresa said...

How cute! I buy for looks, not function, so I would have gone for the pink and purples too.
Have fun in the snow - looks like you're set for all kinds of fun!