I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


29 October 2012


Everyone has a favorite place or lil slice of Heaven on earth. Mine happens to be our farm in Niobrara. Nothing relaxes me more than the great outdoors and no schedule. I love going there and enjoying a leisurely run or walk, exploring outdoors, taking endless photos,  having a fire, and unwinding.
Life is more often than not too hectic – for which I am grateful as means I have a full life. But it also leaves me yearning for lazy days. So looking forward to an upcoming loonnnnggg weekend (thank you federal government) to unwind in my lil slice of Heaven.

26 October 2012

Fall Sprucing

I finally took an evening to transform my porches from summer to fall and I’m so grateful. Love coming home to a little seasonal color every day.
 Even better is the fact that all these pumpkins were ones my mom and I (mostly my mom) grew!!!!  

25 October 2012

The Corn Crop

I had started out this spring taking pics of the corn as it progressed throughout the summer – however the lovely drought quickly thwarted that plan.
 Regardless a few shots of the harvested corn field for your enjoyment.
Not nearly as pretty as when the field is full of tall green stalks, but still makes me yearn for a country life.
 Oh yeah that hog shed you see in the background, so hoping it becomes flooring for a new cabin soon!

24 October 2012

Reuben and Grandpa's Lane

Growing up we had a dog Reuben – he was a mut but he was an awesome dog. My brothers just loved him to pieces as did my grandpa. Every morning at the cabin they would go for a walk down the long drive. It was their “thing”.
 I posted these pics on Facebook after a recent Niobrara trip and my middle brother Erik quickly commented about how that was “Grandpa and Reuben’s walk”. Made me a lil misty eyed with memories of my amazing Grandpa VanEvery. Photos can certainly evoke emotions – thanks Erik for the reminder and the walk down memory lane.

19 October 2012

Winter Half Marathon Fashion

 In a moment of weakness I signed up to run a half marathon with my cousin in Kansas City November 18th. Hello cold!!!! In an effort to get myself excited about this possibly cold and long race I am thinking a new race outfit is a must. My new favorite addiction – Lululemon has these cute options….
I need things to match so can’t tell if I would be annoyed with the slight color difference in the purple/pinks of the pants and the long sleeve top?? Guessing I will wear a jacket regardless.
I really want that jacket – especially as the hood can be removed. But it’s so spendy. Anyone know of a discount code floating around??
This tank would be fun for use with the pants in the spring.
I also love this top! But sadly none available online in my size.
Same problem with this jacked - although maybe the store would have them in stock. Can the turquoise and purple mix? Lululemon you are going to break my bank account but at least you make me feel fashionable when torturing myself with long runs. There will of course be a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day as well so I could get double the use out of this new outfit race wise.

18 October 2012

Falling for Fall

Summer is my favorite season but fall is gorgeous with the changing of colors and fallen leaves.
Plus the weather makes for perfect long walks and picnics.
I’m starting to come around to loving fall.  Especially when I get to spend hours in the gorgeous countryside capturing its beauty and breathing in the fresh fall air.

17 October 2012

Black Walnuts

I have found memories of my grandpa  picking walnuts up every fall wherever he could find them, drying them in the attic, and then cracking them for days on end. His hands stained black from the oil. He would then bag all these walnuts up and sell them. He was always quite proud of his little business venture.
Well grandpa would be over the moon if he was still alive today. Our walnut tree in Niobrara is growing like crazy and we now have a plentiful supplies of walnuts available right outside our backdoor. My mom and I have taken up the tradition of picking, shelling, cracking, and I love every minute of it.
Brings back so many wonderful memories of grandpa and we also are rewarding with amazing black walnuts for use in holiday baking. Any other fans out there?  This year we were smart and wore gloves to help reduce the staining of our hands.

15 October 2012

Weekend Instagram Snaps

What a lovely fall weekend! A few days of much needed relaxation and fresh air!

10 October 2012

I Need Sunshine

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for some reason. I am not a happy person at the moment which is VERY VERY unusual for me. Nothing seems to be working as it should and plans keep getting messed up. I need a vacation pronto. Preferably somewhere gorgeous with a beach and lots of sun.
 Half tempted to take a last minute trip this weekend if I could find something reasonable.
*In case you're curious these photos are from the Chedi in Muscat, Oman from several years ago. Gorgeous gorgeous place!

05 October 2012

Double D Ranch Obssesion

Double D Ranch You are killing me with your gorgeous boots!
If only I was made of money or had a sugar daddy and could buy several pairs!

You're jackets are pretty amazing as well.


High School Football

My high school (well really my alma mater) auctions off a dinner in the skybox for each home football game as a fundraiser. My mom and aunt usually cater it but I helped a few weeks ago. It was fun to come up with creative food to serve!

02 October 2012

Pretty Fall Colors

I'm not ready for cold weather but I am loving the colors of fall!