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19 October 2012

Winter Half Marathon Fashion

 In a moment of weakness I signed up to run a half marathon with my cousin in Kansas City November 18th. Hello cold!!!! In an effort to get myself excited about this possibly cold and long race I am thinking a new race outfit is a must. My new favorite addiction – Lululemon has these cute options….
I need things to match so can’t tell if I would be annoyed with the slight color difference in the purple/pinks of the pants and the long sleeve top?? Guessing I will wear a jacket regardless.
I really want that jacket – especially as the hood can be removed. But it’s so spendy. Anyone know of a discount code floating around??
This tank would be fun for use with the pants in the spring.
I also love this top! But sadly none available online in my size.
Same problem with this jacked - although maybe the store would have them in stock. Can the turquoise and purple mix? Lululemon you are going to break my bank account but at least you make me feel fashionable when torturing myself with long runs. There will of course be a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day as well so I could get double the use out of this new outfit race wise.

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