I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


25 February 2011

Flowers Just Because

I have been a very lucky girl lately in the flower department. Nothing beats a surprise flower deliver!

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have very exciting weekend plans starting with a lil Jamey Johnson and Kid Rock live in concert this evening.

24 February 2011

Bull and Cow Sneak Peak

Last weekend we decided it would be an adventure to attend a Bull and Cow sale in Creighton, NE. It was quite interesting. Photos of the actual sale will be posted next week but wanted to provide you a few snippets from the pens outside.

Don’t you just love it, I swear a few of them were posing for the camera!

I loved the red color ad also this one with its tuff of white curly hair!

23 February 2011

Sweet Cinnamon Rolls and Little Girls

The simplest task can be made much more grand with the addition of little girls (or boys I am sure). We made Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls again this last weekend.

But this time we had helpers.

They had so much fun making the rolls and were so well behaved. Not a single argument or complaint the entire time.

And Cody was the perfect instructor. He never tired of his instructions to “shake shake” or “pat”.

Oh yeah turns out my mom helped as well as of course she is yearning for grandbabies of her own! The girl’s dad supervised as did their mother and I!

18 February 2011

Middle East Protests

It saddens me to see all the protesting in the Middle East right now. First Egypt, then Libya, Bahrain, and several others. I have spent a considerable amount of time in this region of the world and have visited many of these countries on multiple occasions.

They are great countries, the people are very kind and welcoming, and each location is so full of history and culture. I am afraid all this unrest will discourage tourism which is so important. I truly enjoyed living in the Middle East and the opportunity to travel the region. I have a connection to this part of the county and it’s painful to watch the violence and destruction.

*Sadly the pyramid photo is not mine as some jerk stole my memory stick out of my luggage so almost all Egypt photos are lost forever…

17 February 2011

A Band-aid for my Bathroom

My main floor bathroom is atrocious. And that is putting it kindly. I am almost afraid to post these photos but figure everyone loves a good before and after so here you go:

Horrible right! The only saving grace is the chandelier I brought home from Kuwait and hung. To top it off there is a plumbing/pipe issue so it’s more than just cosmetic. However, I have decided until we can address the major issue I need a temporary fix for this room. I was inspired after coming across this lovely apartment via Catlin Wilson Design.

Love the fun colors and the teal mixed with the hot pink. Luckily I have an almost full can of hot paint left from this small project.

I am going to fix the ceiling as best I can and repaint, patch up the walls and add this fun hot pink color, and do a few other minor adjustments until I am able to get a plumber. Then I can really tackle the bathroom with a new floor, new tile, etc…Am I crazy to paint and spruce just for a few months?

16 February 2011

Valentines Flowers

I love fresh flowers and this is my lucky week as I have two gorgeous bouquets right now.

My amazing little brother surprised my mom and I both with flowers on Valentines Day. It was mega sweet of him and very surprising. Mine were fun and funky (and had a clever “theme” as the base was covered with a sock...).

My mom’s a little more subdued and romantic.

We both loved them and were so happy. Thanks Justin for being such a thoughtful brother! And we rounded out Valentines Day indulging in Dom Perignon paired with a scrumptious dinner at Jack Binions. A lovely Valentines celebrated with family whom I love dearly!

*sorry about the poor photos - I haven't been home when it wasn't already dark so no natural light.

15 February 2011

House Warming Flowers

My mom and dad surprised me with gorgeous white flowers on Friday after I closed on my home. Always so thoughtful!

I must admit now that the house is officially mine I have a renewed urge to renovate and spruce. I spent a good portion of the weekend tackling small jobs and hope to undertake a few major renovations in the next few months. Funny how something so simple can motivate. Aeisha also loved (to eat....)the flowers!

14 February 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I love Valentine's Day. Doesn’t matter if I have a date in the traditional sense or not. Although a bonus if I was one of those lucky girls who receives pretty flowers and a fancy dinner! Such a fun holiday centered around love, friendship, flowers, all things pink/red/purple, and chocolate. What’s not to love?

Hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day spent with those they love!

11 February 2011

My First Home

I have lived in this house for 12 years! Wow how time flies. And I have always considered it home. But as of 400 today it is officially mine. Signed the papers and have the mortgage to prove it.

09 February 2011

Hey Creative Runners!!

I have a contest for you! We need a slogan for the back of the race shirts for The Gambler Half Marathon and 5k being hosted in Council Bluffs, IA May 22 For more information about the race visit this blog. The Top 5 submissions, as determined by the Selection Committee, will be posted on The Gambler Website for voting. Voting will take place from April 6, 2011 through April 22, 2011. The winner will be named on Monday, April 25, 2011. All results are final.

The winner will receive two race entries, a $250 shopping spree at Peak Performance, and a dinner for two at Tish's Restaurant. (If you have already entered the race prior to winning the contest, you will be refunded for your race fee).

All slogans must be submitted before Midnight, March 31, 2011 to Chrissy Caniglia via e-mail at ccaniglia@councilbluffsiowa.com. Can't wait to see all of your slogans!