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17 February 2011

A Band-aid for my Bathroom

My main floor bathroom is atrocious. And that is putting it kindly. I am almost afraid to post these photos but figure everyone loves a good before and after so here you go:

Horrible right! The only saving grace is the chandelier I brought home from Kuwait and hung. To top it off there is a plumbing/pipe issue so it’s more than just cosmetic. However, I have decided until we can address the major issue I need a temporary fix for this room. I was inspired after coming across this lovely apartment via Catlin Wilson Design.

Love the fun colors and the teal mixed with the hot pink. Luckily I have an almost full can of hot paint left from this small project.

I am going to fix the ceiling as best I can and repaint, patch up the walls and add this fun hot pink color, and do a few other minor adjustments until I am able to get a plumber. Then I can really tackle the bathroom with a new floor, new tile, etc…Am I crazy to paint and spruce just for a few months?

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Gabriella said...

Love the inspiration pictures! I'm sure it'll turn out great!