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18 February 2011

Middle East Protests

It saddens me to see all the protesting in the Middle East right now. First Egypt, then Libya, Bahrain, and several others. I have spent a considerable amount of time in this region of the world and have visited many of these countries on multiple occasions.

They are great countries, the people are very kind and welcoming, and each location is so full of history and culture. I am afraid all this unrest will discourage tourism which is so important. I truly enjoyed living in the Middle East and the opportunity to travel the region. I have a connection to this part of the county and it’s painful to watch the violence and destruction.

*Sadly the pyramid photo is not mine as some jerk stole my memory stick out of my luggage so almost all Egypt photos are lost forever…

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Lissa said...

that is such a gigantic bummer about losing your memory stick! I would love to see the pyramids sometime. what a neat experience you got to have.