I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


30 March 2012

Cheery Daffodils

I love seeing the daffodils punch up through the ground each spring.

The first burst of color after a bleak winter.

Extra exciting as they seem to multiply every year with little to no assistance by me.

I need to plant some pink Daffodil bulbs this fall!

28 March 2012

Springtime Walks Downtown

Even Downtown Omaha can be pretty this time of year.

I love taking a few minutes over the lunch hour to get fresh air, a little exercise, and enjoy the beauty mixed in with the high rises and concrete.

27 March 2012

Small Town Road Trip

Sometimes last minute decisions can be successful. Saturday I decided to tag along with my mom, aunt, and cousins for a road trip to O’Neill Nebraska and our cabin to celebrate our Aunt’s 90th Birthday!

It was a few days full of laughter


And relaxation.

And a great reminder of how important spending time with family is.

23 March 2012

When Flowers Fade

Throw the petals into your tub and soak away.

They smelled heavenly.

And it made my bath feel a little more luxurious.

22 March 2012

March Rain Showers

Are much better than March Blizzards!

But I sure do miss the warm sunshine filled days we were having prior to this week’s persistent rain .

At least all my flowers are growing and my grass is looking extra green!

21 March 2012

Let’s Take Grandpa for a Walk

I love spending time with my Grandpa. Every minute is cherished.

He is always cracking me up with his funny comments. Quite the quick witted man. Yet so sweet and caring – he brings flowers or jewelry to dinner dates.

And will go on crazy walks with me to gather wood and give Izzy some fresh air.

Love ya Grandpa!!

16 March 2012

Spring has Sprung Early

I am loving the color popping up in my yard already! IT’s only the second week of March!! Can’t wait to get my hands dirty this weekend and do a lil spring clean up so I can really enjoy the beautiful spring flowers breaking through the ground.

14 March 2012

Another Delicious Cake to Bake

I found this lemon cake with black tea frosting recipe on a the fabulous blog Honey & Jam. I instantly knew it was the perfect Birthday Cake to whip up for my mom. It was yummy, not overly hard to make, and the frosting was pretty.

My mom claimed it was great – sure the abundance of candles led to that decision.

You can find the recipe here.

13 March 2012

Hello Pretty Kate Spade

I sooooo want this watch!!!

I have a really nice watch but it’s currently broken. Eventually I will be the proud owner of a Rolex or Cartier. But for now this would make me smile!!! Love the pop of pink!!! Even love it in gold for something different.

09 March 2012

Want to go for a Walk with Me?

This gorgeous weather has me very excited for Spring.

I can’t get enough of the sunny skies and wide open spaces.

Frolicking with deer

And dogs

Have a great weekend!

07 March 2012


Every farm has it. The dreaded junk pile. Drives me insane honestly.

But occasionally even amongst the junk beauty can be found.

Especially on lovely sunny almost spring days.

06 March 2012

Under the Big Top

My grandpa is a Shriner as mentioned before We grew up attending the Shrine Circus.

Loved the memories of all the older gentlemen in their fancy sparkly hats!

This year we had tickets and no youngsters to give them to so we figured why not revisit childhood lane.

Totally remember this wacky guy and his ol jalopy that blows up.

Dancing bears


scary circus helpers.

And overpriced circus toys.
It was a fun and highly entertaining few hours. Thanks Grandpa!