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06 March 2012

Under the Big Top

My grandpa is a Shriner as mentioned before We grew up attending the Shrine Circus.

Loved the memories of all the older gentlemen in their fancy sparkly hats!

This year we had tickets and no youngsters to give them to so we figured why not revisit childhood lane.

Totally remember this wacky guy and his ol jalopy that blows up.

Dancing bears


scary circus helpers.

And overpriced circus toys.
It was a fun and highly entertaining few hours. Thanks Grandpa!


christine donee said...

so fun!

Natasha said...

How fun! I love the circus! Have you read Water for Elephants yet? Awesome book!

Raquel said...

How fun, I haven't been to a circus in years but I would still probably really enjoy it!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

oh gosh, i've AlWAYS wanted to go to a circus that had animals. although i sometimes feel bad for them all dressed up ridiculous, but seriously, that elephant is just the cutest!!
xo TJ