I travel the world and am truly amazed with the sights, cultures, and people but in my eyes there is no place like home.


29 June 2012

Recharging my Soul

It seems like every year I hit a point of total exhaustion both mentally and physically. I know I am not a mom so sure many people think I have no clue – maybe that’s true. But I do run myself crazy trying to be a million places and satisfy a million people on a daily basis.
Nothing recharges and unwinds me better than good ol fresh country air and wide open spaces.
So looking forward to days filled with nature walks, river dips, paddle boat excursions, long country runs,  picnics, afternoon siestas, bonfires, and whatever else I fancy on a much needed relaxing holiday.
Don’t get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel and visit new places, but sometimes I need to unwind on vacation instead of cramming in sightseeing and shopping and adventures. So relax I will. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

28 June 2012

Throwing out the Calendar

I have a very scheduled overly planned life. Mostly by necessity due to juggling two jobs, friends, and family. It’s almost impossible to do something spur of the moment as usually every evening and weekend is full weeks in advance. This week I actually said yes to TWO spur of moment offers! Crazy for me! Last minute dinner at my parents after my class let out early.
And Olympic Swim Trials over the lunch hour today.
Both were short and sweet but equaled time spent with loved ones and new experiences. A reminder that sometimes life’s unexpected moments can be just as great as something planned months in advance. I’m super excited for a week of NO calendar, no plans, no schedule just relaxing and recharging in my very near future.

27 June 2012

The Excitement of that first Pick of the Season

It’s funny how exciting that first tomato ripe and ready for consumption can be. It’s the promise of many many more tomatoes to come and a summer full of bounty all grown by me! I am still amazed when seeds turn to plants which turn to vegetable and fruit producing beauties. So loving this gardening gig!

26 June 2012

Union Pacific Home Plate

Union Pacific has a very large presence in this area and we love it. My grandpa is a retired UP employee and my dad worked there when he was younger as did half our community I’m sure. It’s UP's 150th year anniversary . I had the honor of attending the UP Home Plate last night prior to the CWS Championship game.
The Home Plate showcased vintage passenger cars. luggage cars, and a coal powered engine that have been restored and parked near the Baseball stadium. Lucky for me they invited several of us to a private reception where we could view the interiors and dine on train fare. It was really fun to see these trains restored and brought back to life.
My grandpa enjoyed telling stories involving the prime days of train travel and all the people that rode on these neat trains. A great event and a fun opportunity to share in a bit of history with my gramps!

22 June 2012

Chasing Frogs

Izzy has discovered the pond and its refreshing cooling powers.
She has also discovered its chock full of frogs which she is determined to catch. It’s high entertaining to watch! I have no idea what she plans to do if she ever pulls off a successful catch.

21 June 2012

Soil Testing in Dream To Farm

I am loving every minute of my Dream to Farm class at IWCC. I can’t believe how informative and useful it is.
Every class I walk away with several new ideas on how to utilize the land I have (be it large or small portions) and how to be a better farmer. I can’t say enough positive things about this class and our instructors.
And it’s fun meeting new people with similar interests. I forgot about that bonus of going to school!
This week we visited a high tunnel and learned about soils, how to test your soil, and how to make needed improvements. All useful items for a small backyard garden or a full scale farming operation!

19 June 2012

Midlands Business Journal 40 Under 40

A part of me still gets super giddy when I see an article, photo, or quote captured in print for all to read. I know it’s bragging and self centered to be excited when you get published or an article is written about you. So I apologize in advance for posting this photo/article. I figured I would share a recent article about my Midlands Business Journal 40 Under 40 award – that way years from now I can look back and remind my grandkids (or myself if I continue on with the no kids no marriage path) I used to be cool.

17 June 2012

Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day wasn’t quite as fancy as Mother’s Day but it was a chance to tell my dad how much I love and appreciate him. He is such a great man and a true role model for me as a very very hard worker who believes anything is possible. He is so wise and smart and respected in his field and he has been a great provider for our family. He can fix anything and  is willing to help me when needed even if he is super busy. It was fun to spend the day with him enjoying baseball.
It turned out to be a great day for CWS games and my Mom, Uncle, and Grandpa joined in the fun. Happy Father’s Day dad! I love you very much even if I’m not always great about saying it and feel grateful to have a dad as wonderful as you are!

15 June 2012

It’s Baseball Week in Omaha!!!

Welcome to Omaha College World Series Fans! Games kick off today and I am ready for the fun to start. I love CWS week with all the activity and excitement surrounding the games. I am hopeful the rain will stop each day just in time for tailgating and games. Last night Council Bluffs kicked off the youth SlumpBuster tournament which takes place in conjunction with the CWS. A great start to the festivities but sadly the All Star game ended up rained out.

14 June 2012

When old Becomes Vintage & Desirable

I love how items reach a certain age they are no longer boring, old, and unwanted but instead vintage and sought after.
Like this gem just waiting for restoration and a second life.

11 June 2012

Kolache Weekend 2012

Another successful Kolache Fest in the books. Last weekend was an amazing amazing weekend filled with perfect sunny weather, great friends, lots of outdoor time, and even more laughter and fun. As a group we participated in another Kolache 5k run (and we have grown since last year).
The after shot cracks me up as it was quite a warm early morning and Friday may have been a very late night of fun so an interesting combo...
The rest of the day was spent enjoying the Niobrara River and it’s glorious sandbars.
Followed up by a fun street dance and late night beer pong. Great times with my brothers, sister, and friends. Bonus was staying in a cabin in the country and waking up to views of nothing but open fields, lovely. 

08 June 2012

A Window into the Past

As I age I find myself nostalgic at times.

Yearning for the simpler times in life when schedules didn't fill up months in advance.

When time was spend creating, playing, and daydreaming.
Don't get me wrong I love my busy enriched life - but reminders of early life is always pleasant.
Even if they have been tarnished by time and aged beyond perfection.

07 June 2012

Beautiful and Noxious

So many wildflowers are, at least in my eyes, beautiful and pretty. Worthy of cutting and placing in vases for enjoyment at home.
However, I also realize they are quite noxious and spread like wildfires. Not good for farm and the land.
Thistles in their mature state are quite pretty and I love the colors.
But their thorns and ability to reproduce times a thousand are not so pleasant.
*On a side note I learned in my Dream to Farm Class last night that Thistles are biannual plants that spend their first year sucking up energy so they can produce these gorgeous yet overbearing flowers the second year. And that no amount of weed killer will rid these thistles once they have flowered, the best option is to bag all flowers and burn to prevent spread. Loving class and learning new things!

05 June 2012

Benash Family Reunion 2012

I brought my camera with great intentions of taking a bunch of photos and instead I took zero photos other than Iphone pics.

It was a great weekend spent with family enjoying each other’s company and the great outdoors.
Every year we have it at the Platte River State Park which is a lovely location with lots to do. I swear there were family. I promise my family members were in attendance! I just sadly don't have any pictures to prove it....

01 June 2012

Walking the Railroad Bridge

Near Niobrara there is a cool old Railroad Bridge turned foot bridge crossing the Missouri River. It’s a little jaunt from the State Park but worth the exertion.
Plus you always encounter fun little finds left behind by nature.
The bridge is the perfect spot to unwind and take in the beauty of the river and surroundings.
Of course all of that hiking meant we needed to refuel – the after math of our picnic by the lake.