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11 June 2012

Kolache Weekend 2012

Another successful Kolache Fest in the books. Last weekend was an amazing amazing weekend filled with perfect sunny weather, great friends, lots of outdoor time, and even more laughter and fun. As a group we participated in another Kolache 5k run (and we have grown since last year).
The after shot cracks me up as it was quite a warm early morning and Friday may have been a very late night of fun so an interesting combo...
The rest of the day was spent enjoying the Niobrara River and it’s glorious sandbars.
Followed up by a fun street dance and late night beer pong. Great times with my brothers, sister, and friends. Bonus was staying in a cabin in the country and waking up to views of nothing but open fields, lovely. 

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Raquel said...

Neon brights, you are definitely a stand out team! Sounds like it was a lot of fun.