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31 March 2011

Flying Saucer Ring of Honor

Yes I am alive – trying to balance jet setting and work has been a little difficult this month. Finally home so time to bombard you with photos. The month was kicked off with a Beale Street adventure to induct my dad into the Ring of Honor at the Flying Saucer.

It’s a beer club where you have to try around 200 different beers. If you have ever been to a Flying Saucer you were probably as amazed as I at their massive selection of beers.

My favorite thing to do is make your own flight so you get samples of all different varieties.

At the end of your “Beer Tour” you get a party at the Saucer and a plate on the wall or ceiling with your name on it. They do a big unveiling ceremony.

And then Voila – you’re part of history.

Very cool! It was a really fun Sunday afternoon and I was excited to share in this event with my dad.

10 March 2011

Beale Street – Memphis, TN

Something magical about Beale Street. The mixture of people, the history, the food, and of course the music!

It always looks so cool lit up at night.
With an array of fun choices for dinning and entertainment.

You can even squeeze in a little shopping at the famous Schwab’s.

We choose Rum Boogie and had a blast.

The band was great but the people were even more entertaining an we had a front row seat.

Great times were had by all. One of these years I want to for Memphis in May and the Beale Street Music Festival!

BBQ is a must in Memphis

And (Neely’s) Interstate BBQ is one of the best. I have been several times but my friend Sara had not.

It is quite the experience and the atmosphere is far from fancy.

But the food is delicious! So if you are in the area it is a must stop for lunch or dinner.

08 March 2011

Slip Sliding Away

For a recent work trip we needed to view an old railroad bridge now a very cool walking path near the Niobrara State Park. It’s normally a fairly healthy hike downhill to visit.

However, this time of year it was covered in snow

Or so we thought. Turns out it was covered in ice. I biffed it once and also spent half the climb on all fours sliding down so I wouldn’t biff again – several others in our party also wiped out. Ouch!

Pain aside it was a pretty cool sight at the bottom, with bits of ice still lodged in the mighty Mo.

07 March 2011

Up In the Sky

A very short work trip equated an opportunity to ride in the USACE plane which netted great views.

Not bad eh?

I wasn’t sure if snapping photos was permissible but figured I would take a chance to capture the gorgeous sun reflecting off our plane and the billowy clouds.

03 March 2011

March is the Month of Travel!

A VERY short visit to this fun locale

Followed by a week celebrating birthdays and sipping cocktails in the sun here

And closing the month off with a repeat visit to our Nation’s Capital this time on business.

*All photos from previous trips - some quite old!