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31 March 2011

Flying Saucer Ring of Honor

Yes I am alive – trying to balance jet setting and work has been a little difficult this month. Finally home so time to bombard you with photos. The month was kicked off with a Beale Street adventure to induct my dad into the Ring of Honor at the Flying Saucer.

It’s a beer club where you have to try around 200 different beers. If you have ever been to a Flying Saucer you were probably as amazed as I at their massive selection of beers.

My favorite thing to do is make your own flight so you get samples of all different varieties.

At the end of your “Beer Tour” you get a party at the Saucer and a plate on the wall or ceiling with your name on it. They do a big unveiling ceremony.

And then Voila – you’re part of history.

Very cool! It was a really fun Sunday afternoon and I was excited to share in this event with my dad.

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