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30 December 2010

Thanks Miley!

I know this is very un-cool to admit but I already spilled the beans about attending her concert so really how much worse can it get? Miley Cyrus’s song The Climb has always been inspiring to me. Particularly these words:

“There’s always gonna be another mountain – I’m always gonna wanna make it move – Always gonna be an uphill battle – Sometimes I’m gonna have to loose – Ain’t about how fast I get there – Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side – It’s the climb”

When I was given the great honor of being the commencement speaker for Iowa Western Community College’s December graduation (I am an alumni!) I spent days trying to form a speech when suddenly I remembered the Miley song and it all came together. Set your goals high – believe you can and will do or be anything – never give up even if life throws you curveballs – take time to enjoy the climb and the moments – live a life of significance not just success. To say I was nervous is an understatement! I couldn’t even muster a full smile at first. But I tried to sound calm and collected as I shared my words of wisdom with the graduates.

I admit at times I felt like I was not the right person for the gig – that I wasn’t important enough. That same day Creighton had a General as their speaker and UNO an astronaut. My accomplishments do not even come close. But hopefully I was able to inspire a few in the crowd. I had a great time and still can’t believe I was invited to be the commencement speaker. After the speech was done and the only task left was to shake hands I was very relieved!

(President of Iowa Western Dr. Dan Kinney). Thank you IWCC, graduates, family, and friends for allowing me to enjoy and share in your commencement.

*All photos by Don Kohler

29 December 2010

Crafty for the New Year

Lately I have been on a crafty kick. I made several pairs of PJ pants for Christmas gifts, sewed curtains, pillows, a Halloween costume, and other fun little projects. I used to be this person – the person who was creative and crafty. Then life got busy. This week is a rare slow week so I really want to make a few festive items for New Years Eve. Like this fun sparkly headband on Etsy.

Party hats like these by Sitting In a Tree - but with a NYE Theme instead of Birthday theme.

And this “Good Luck” favor for my guests to take home as seen on Martha Stewart.

I figure if I even accomplish one of these three I will be satisfied. Anyone else on a crafty kick? The talent of so many bloggers and the gorgeous items each of you whip up is amazing to me.

28 December 2010

New Year’s Eve 2011

*Photos from Martha Stewart
After much debate I have decided to host a Cocktail soiree at my house to ring in the New Year (there may be a bowling excursion as well….). It is now a mad dash to transform my house for the festivities . I plan to use gold, silver, and white with a dash of turquoise. I would love these plates from Kate Spade.

And these glasses also from Kate Spade to serve Prosecco cocktails .

I need a pair of these Christian Louboutin shoes to wear on New Year’s Eve

If only I was made of money! Time to locate a few fun cocktail recipes.

27 December 2010

Christmas Festivities

I hope everyone had an amazing and blessed Christmas. I know I did. Woke up to a gorgeous snowy Christmas wonderland on Christmas Eve.

Had my usual Christmas Eve shopping and lunch excursion with my dad. Really its more about the time together than naything. Our tradition is La Buvette in the Old Market. It never disappoints.

Then Christmas Eve dinner at my Aunt and Uncles followed by our immediate family opening all our awesome presents together that evening.

Christmas day started off with a very yummy brunch at my house (I sorta cooked….) – Farm fresh eggs and sausage and pumpkin spice waffles washed down with Prosecco

Pie baking and turkey prep in Christmas Pj’s

More presents

And a scrumptious Christmas dinner.

I feel so very blessed and happy. A great Christmas spent with those I love.

25 December 2010

A White Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We had a perfect dusting of snow Christmas Eve to make for a gorgeous white Christmas without the bad roads. I am enjoying every moment with my family and savoring this opportunity as I know not everyone is as lucky.

23 December 2010

Laurtizen Gardens at Christmas

If you live in the area Lauritzen Gardens is definitely a great place to check out both in the spring/summer and now for Christmas. They have over 5000 poinsettias on display! So many different colors and varieties.

They were gorgeous. And a massive tree from poinsettias.

How cool is the sea of cranberries? On display are many neat renditions of local buildings made out of all natural materials like sticks and gourds.

And a fun train to honor Union Pacific that circles around the entire display.

Along with many pretty live evergreen varieties.

It was a great lunchtime adventure and helped kick off the Christmas week.