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29 December 2010

Crafty for the New Year

Lately I have been on a crafty kick. I made several pairs of PJ pants for Christmas gifts, sewed curtains, pillows, a Halloween costume, and other fun little projects. I used to be this person – the person who was creative and crafty. Then life got busy. This week is a rare slow week so I really want to make a few festive items for New Years Eve. Like this fun sparkly headband on Etsy.

Party hats like these by Sitting In a Tree - but with a NYE Theme instead of Birthday theme.

And this “Good Luck” favor for my guests to take home as seen on Martha Stewart.

I figure if I even accomplish one of these three I will be satisfied. Anyone else on a crafty kick? The talent of so many bloggers and the gorgeous items each of you whip up is amazing to me.


Kendall in the Design District said...

My mom makes us eat black eyed peas every New Years Day. This craft from Martha is such a great idea! I can't wait to try it out :)

Teresa said...

I vote you make the headband first because it is just too cute. Etsy browsing always gets me in trouble...so many projects, too little time!
Happy New Year,

Studio 13 said...

Love the good luck gift, great idea! Happy New Year!