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30 December 2010

Thanks Miley!

I know this is very un-cool to admit but I already spilled the beans about attending her concert so really how much worse can it get? Miley Cyrus’s song The Climb has always been inspiring to me. Particularly these words:

“There’s always gonna be another mountain – I’m always gonna wanna make it move – Always gonna be an uphill battle – Sometimes I’m gonna have to loose – Ain’t about how fast I get there – Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side – It’s the climb”

When I was given the great honor of being the commencement speaker for Iowa Western Community College’s December graduation (I am an alumni!) I spent days trying to form a speech when suddenly I remembered the Miley song and it all came together. Set your goals high – believe you can and will do or be anything – never give up even if life throws you curveballs – take time to enjoy the climb and the moments – live a life of significance not just success. To say I was nervous is an understatement! I couldn’t even muster a full smile at first. But I tried to sound calm and collected as I shared my words of wisdom with the graduates.

I admit at times I felt like I was not the right person for the gig – that I wasn’t important enough. That same day Creighton had a General as their speaker and UNO an astronaut. My accomplishments do not even come close. But hopefully I was able to inspire a few in the crowd. I had a great time and still can’t believe I was invited to be the commencement speaker. After the speech was done and the only task left was to shake hands I was very relieved!

(President of Iowa Western Dr. Dan Kinney). Thank you IWCC, graduates, family, and friends for allowing me to enjoy and share in your commencement.

*All photos by Don Kohler

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paula said...

how exciting is this! I am sure you did great and that you were the perfect person to do it.