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21 December 2010

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!!

Thank goodness as it’s Christmas in just a few short days. I feel so happy every day when I walk in my home now that it’s decorated. Amazing how it can alter ones mood and put you in the Christmas spirit.

My decorations this year are almost the same as last year viewable here. Since I have a fancier camera this year I figured I would zoom in and focus on detail.

And the few things I did different as didn’t have my staff of elves helping this round.

I had to include these precious photos of the naughty kitty caught in the act of eating the decorations.

Next year I will definitely decorate right after Thanksgiving, use a real tree. and real greenery. Very excited for Christmas day to arrive so I can host my family for Christmas breakfast and dinner.

*Christmas quilt was sewn by my grandmother for me, and the awesome stockings were crocheted by my mother! I love handmade goodies.

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Lissa said...

naughty kitty. ;)

Have a very merry Christmas! Enjoy those lovely decorations! My real tree went up THanksgiving weekend and is almost dead. It's not going to make it to New years...