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15 December 2009

9 days and a wake up

Untill Christmas. With the Holiday Home Tours complete I can share photos of my Christmasy home. I love it – a huge thanks to my wonderful mom and Aunt Debbie for all their hard work - without them it wouldn’t look quite like this. I have ideas in my head but don’t always know how to execute. I tried to stick with ivory, silver, gold, bronze, and ice blue, but did end up with a few other colors through poinsettias.
Formal Living Room:

Dinning room:

Guest Bedroom:


Partial showing of my Grandma’s Holiday Barbie Collection:


My Bedroom:

My Bathroom:

Casual living room:

So much fun to decorate for Christmas and enjoy all the improvements that have been made over this past year. Of course looking at these photos I realize I have a lot of projects left for 2010 and beyond! Aeisha has been amazing (knock on wood) and has not messing with many of the decorations.

The greenery is a mix of fake and real, one tree is real the others are fake. I prefer real over fake but not always possible for longevity purposes. Now its time to enjoy the holiday season with my family and friends.

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elledee said...

your home is gorgeous! I esp love the barbies!