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31 December 2009

Family Christmas 2009

We finally celebrated Christmas last night, the Christmas Blizzard and the Flu prevented celebration on Christmas. Everyone gathered at my house for chatter and the requisite family photos.

And then on to the best part – gifts!! (I will admit my brother, dad, mom, and I already opened our gifts on Xmas as we couldn’t wait).

And an amazing dinner prepared by my parents (I host the shin dig but my only requirement is to have a clean house with the tables set for dinner – my cooking skills could not even come close to the skills of my parents).

I don’t have enough Christmas china for all so had to resort to my everyday Christmas dishes for a few tables. May need more Christmas china…

Oh yeah there was a football game last night…Sadly the men had to watch it on my computer as I am cheap and have the most basic cable package ever (which did not include ESPN).

Sorry guys! I am not a tv person so not worth the money to me. My dad’s advice “buy one less pair of shoes a month and upgrade your cable”. Classic. A very enjoyable evening with family. Thanks family for a fun evening, great food, and the great gifts. Love ya.


paula said...

looks like fun. love the kitchen too.

E said...

what great photos! glad you had a nice christmas and were surrounded by so many loved ones!

Melissa said...

Thanks you two! It was a very fun Christmas.