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29 December 2009

Watch out Picabo Street

I picked a star from the 90’s as that was the last time I skied! And I was sporting some very unstylish warm up pants from the 90’s (small college soccer stint) for my return to the sport - therefore no photos were taken below the waste. Even my brother commented on their ugliness – may need to invest in ski pants. I thought I hated skiing, turns out I actually enjoy it. A bit shaky the first few downhill runs, but towards the end I was feeling a bit more confident. Mostly snow plow on the bunny slopes but I didn’t crash (except maybe a few times getting off the lift…)

This lodge brought back many memories of eight and ninth grade when skiing equaled boys. Several of us girls would faithfully snap on skis and our finest ski clothes to chase after the bad boys that were regulars at ol Mt Crescent. Nothing like a ski hill in Iowa!

I must admit, it was a lot of fun and great exercise. I would like to try snowboarding – but they were out of boards yesterday. Maybe a blessing in disguise as skiing was hard enough. Justin of course is a natural and was on the “Blacks” within a few runs.

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