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22 December 2009

Councilwoman Melissa Head

Sounds strange yet official, I like it! Almost makes me feel important. Let’s hope I continue to like it for the next four years!! Kidding, as I know it will be an amazing experience and I am very excited for my first meeting January 11th. Last night was the official swearing in ceremony. Thanks Aunt Debbie for the photos. The mayor, myself, and Scott (the other councilmember elected this term) taking our oath of office.

Congratulating each other afterwards.

Receiving my official certificate. I have been informed it needs a fancier frame before it is worthy to be hung on the “I love me wall” (thanks to a co-worker for that term) in my office.

A short speech prompted by our Mayor.

Sadly no more photos – for some reason we didn’t take many. Kicking myself now that I didn’t get a few family photos at least. An evening I will remember for quite some time even if it was more causal than I expected.

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fig + fauna said...

congrats Melissa!