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02 December 2009

I finally have a Garmin.

Woo Woo thank goodness for Birthdays. Now I feel like a real athlete (well almost anyway). Need to figure out how to work all the bells and whistles then force myself out in this cold weather for several long runs to test it out. Would love to try it on the bike but it’s waaaaay to cold for my wimpy self. I am running the Egg Nog Jog this Sunday with my fun new running group. It is a short 5k but might as well give it a spin. Anyone else running this? Any tips on the Garmin?


Kansas Sity Sinic said...

I have an older one--I think it's the Forerunner 205.

I think it's GREAT and I love that it tells you how many cals you burn!

It's nice to sync it up to your computer and see the route you took *especially* during a marathon or 5K!

T3 said...

No such thing as a "short 5k" ;)