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10 December 2009

Snow Day Bliss

I was so excited to have a snow day yesterday, I felt like a kid wishing all night for school (I mean work) to be cancelled. All day was spent in sweats with unwashed hair. The first time in months with no major tasks to accomplish, no deadlines, no commitments. Even the Y was closed so I had an excuse to be totally lazy. It was wonderful and just what I needed. Tuesday night I enjoyed a glass wine gifted to me for my recent birthday (Thanks Rod it was excellent!) and watched Julie and Julia.

I highly recommend the wine and the movie as both were fantastic. My biggest accomplishment Wednesday was shoveling the 12+ inches of snow that accumulated or drifted onto my sidewalks. The exercise was great but my fingers were frozen even with two sets of gloves! Bbbbrrrr – I definitely need new winter gear as I am not equipped for these temps. Then pure relaxation. A bubble bath, reading, more birthday wine, and the discovery of several episodes of Lipstick Jungle online (Thanks Dad for buying me the Apple computer with the large screen).

Thank you Mr Winter for your gift of snow. I needed the recharge after the hectic schedule these past several months.